Miami Dolphins wide-receiver situation heading into 2018 off-season

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - DECEMBER 31: Jarvis Landry being held back by temmate Jesse Davis
MIAMI GARDENS, FL - DECEMBER 31: Jarvis Landry being held back by temmate Jesse Davis /

For the Miami Dolphins wide-receiver is already a big issue that is playing out even before the 2018 league new year arrives and it is going to be a big topic the closer March 14 comes.

Of course no other name on the entire Dolphins roster is brining more conversation than Jarvis Landry. Will he stay or will the Dolphins let him go? Will he sign a new deal in Miami or will the Dolphins franchise tag him?

This is the one receiver that will continue to be talked about between now and the start of free agency. If he isn’t getting a new deal then he will be talked about and if he does the contract will be scrutinized by every Joe-fan in Dolphinsland.

As the 2018 season approaches Landry is the dominant topic for good reason. He broke his own team record receptions mark in 2017 and was the NFL’s reception leader as well. His failure to eclipse the 1,000 yard mark had more to do with his final game ejection than anything else. He came up 13 yards shy.

What happens with Landry will decide what happens with the position. If Landry stay then more likely the entire unit remains in tact and the Dolphins go about business as usual but if he leaves then the door will be open for the potential drafting or signing of a free agent to replace him.

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Perhaps the Dolphins view Jakeem Grant as the replacement. Grant finally got to show his skills as a receiver in the final weeks of the season and there is a lot of promise and potential there. Grant is unique in that he has the tools to be very good but still needs to develop. Where exactly he fits into the offensive scheme however is unknown. Is he a slot guy, an outside guy, or a occassional bit player? What we do know is he is better than Leonte Carroo.

The drafting of Carroo has been a miserable mistake. In 2017 he again was passed over early in favor of a lower set receiver before finally making the active roster. He didn’t do great. Carroo needs to have a stellar off-season if he is going to make the roster in 2018. Miami may already have plans to replace him.

It would be a bit surprising to see the Dolphins draft a receiver, at least early, even if Landry leaves. Miami has high potential in last years rookie 7th round pick Isaiah Ford who missed his rookie year on the IR. They also have Reshawn Scott who they like as well.

Despite the depth and the play of Kenny Stills the Dolphins may need to address the position this off-season. It will come down to two things. Jarvis Landry and how Adam Gase views the other receivers on this roster and the roles he thinks they can play.