Jarvis Landry, not the Dolphins controls his fate this off-season

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - DECEMBER 11: Jarvis Landry /

The Miami Dolphins are rumored to be ready to trade Jarvis Landry who they placed the franchise tag on last week. That trade will be contingent on Landry accepting it.

Right now Landry and not the Miami Dolphins controls his future. He doesn’t have to sign the franchise tag and the Dolphins can’t trade him without his signature on that tag. Removing the tag allows him to head into free agency.

While the social media world of the Miami Dolphins fan base assumes that Landry will be traded, it’s Landry that we should watch. Baltimore, New Orleans, Cleveland, Buffalo, and a few other teams have all been rumored to have interest but Landry can nix all of those teams but simply saying no thanks. In fact, he doesn’t have to do anything at all.

Over at the Sun-Sentinel, Dave Hyde, who got his post up before I could get back into town this week talked about this issue and what it poses for the Dolphins. You can read that here. 

Hyde is correct of course. There is a lot of moving parts in all of this. The Dolphins have to find a willing trade partner that will give them the compensation they believe they deserve. A team must ber willing to give up not only that compensation but also at least $14 million a year to Landry. Then Landry needs to agree to sign his tag that will allow the Dolphins to facilitate that trade and then agree to terms with that team on a new contract.

The obvious question is what team will be willing to jump through all of that? While that is a hard question to answer the second question might be harder to guess. What is compensation Miami expects to get from a Landry trade?

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At the trade deadline there were rumors circulating that the Dolphins came close to trading Landry. It was widely reported that the Bills had offered a third round pick for the receiver but the Dolphins refused both for the compensation and the division situation. So is a 2nd round pick the starting point?

One other option Landry has is to negotiate with other teams once the league new year begins on March 14th. The tag is not exclusive which means that Landry can work out a deal with another team on his own and if Miami chooses not to match that deal, they will be given two first round draft picks from that team. That is an unlikely scenario because while Landry is really good he is not a two-first-round picks good.

Everything will eventually get worked out one way or another and we will soon enough know where Landry is headed or whether or not he will stay.