Jarvis Landry situation takes new twist with the Miami Dolphins

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - NOVEMBER 05: Wide receiver Jarvis Landry
MIAMI GARDENS, FL - NOVEMBER 05: Wide receiver Jarvis Landry /

The Miami Dolphins and Jarvis Landry are no longer talking long-term contracts and deals. In fact, the Dolphins want Landry gone and have issued an ultimatum.

According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, the Dolphins have told Jarvis Landry to find a trade but with the caveat that it has to be in Miami’s interests as well or they will keep him at $16.22 million in 2018 and then let him go.

Whatever has happened behind closed doors is unknown and never will be known but it must have been bad enough to get to this point. The future of Landry hinges on whether or not the Dolphins can find a trade partner or Landry himself can facilitate a trade that Miami finds suitable. Salguero states that the Dolphins will continue to try and trade the receiver through the trade deadline if necessary. It sounds as though whatever was left in good standing between the two is now over.

Teams from the Bears to the 49’ers have been linked to having interest in Landry as was the Caroline Panthers but a report from a local media member is now saying that the Panthers have no more interest. Is this due to the Landry salary demands?

Landry was originally reported to want around $14 million a year. It was reported that he was seeking a four-year $58 million deal but the details were not known. The latest report has him seeking $15 million a year.

This latest play by the Dolphins is an effort to gain some control of a situation that Landry has controlled all off-season. Landry can pick and choose what contract he wants and nix any trade Miami may facilitate if he doesn’t like the team or the contract he is being offered. Knowing that Miami is willing keep him for that $16 million puts more leverage back into the hands of the Dolphins.

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What Miami is hoping to get out of Landry in a trade is not known either. They were offered a third round pick at the trade deadline and declined. They would get a 3rd round pick at worst if the franchise tag is rescinded and Landry walks. That pick would come in the compensatory selections but there is no guarantees that a 3rd would be the compensation. Miami would receive two first round picks if Landry signs an offer sheet with another team and Miami chooses not to match the deal.

It was believed that this all would be over at least by the start of free agency but now it appears that this will potentially drag out longer.