Miami Dolphins give Jarvis Landry to seek a trade, it won’t happen

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - DECEMBER 31: Jarvis Landry /

The Miami Dolphins have granted Jarvis Landry the permission he needs to seek his own trade. It is a telling sign that Landry’s future in Miami is more likely over than continuing.

According to a report on Twitter and posted about by, the Dolphins gave their star receiver permission to seek a trade after speaking with his agent on Wednesday. Now Landry’s agent can contact the rest of the NFL in the hopes of landing a new contract.

So to be clear, the Dolphins are allowing Landry to talk to other teams. A trade has been rumored since the franchise tag was placed on him a couple of weeks ago. Well, almost a couple of weeks. Here is why a trade will not happen.

To understand this a bit better we need to look at where the two sides are currently at. Multiple reports on social media have the Dolphins and Landry about two million apart in salary. The Dolphins latest offer is for $13 million a year and Landry’s camp has put a price tag of $15 million a year.

Common sense would be for the teams to meet at $14 million a season. Landry must want to be paid his jersey number. It doesn’t appear that the Dolphins are willing to bump up their offer, an offer that was previously said to be around $12 million. This is where were at prior to the meeting between the two sides. Here is why it will not work in Miami’s favor in terms of a trade.

The next step is for the Landry camp to find a partner that is willing to pay his demands or offer a deal that will make him happy. Let’s say, $14.5. A recent report had the contract desire at 4 years $58 million. Unconfirmed.

If Landry finds a team that offers him what he wants he will need to notify the Dolphins who will then need to work out a trade with that team. Here is where it gets both interesting and difficult. Any team who agrees to a deal for Landry can low ball the Dolphins in compensation. At that point the Dolphins have two choices, they could accept whatever offer they are given or they can offer Landry the same amount and keep him.

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Most teams will put in place a poison pill into the contract. What used to be common like bonuses for playing in certain cities twice a year has been reduced to front loaded contracts where the holding team can’t afford to match on the front end. This is a real possibility.

The other option is that Miami decided the offer is not good and they won’t bring him back and thus rescind the franchise tag. That puts Landry on the open market and since he would not have signed a deal under the trade scenario, he would be free to sign with the highest bidder.

All of this really points to Miami not getting a decent value for Landry. Landry has held the cards through all of this and continues to do so. It’s a sad reality but there is one scenario that could change all of this.

It is possible that Miami could have already worked out trade parameters with another team and by allowing Landry to seek a trade, they are giving him permission to what really would be a contract with that team. It’s a little unlikely but it is possible.

One thing is for certain, in 12 days we are going to know what is going on with Landry and all of this will be over.