Dolphins chances of a first round quarterback are slim

MOBILE, AL - JANUARY 27: Baker Mayfield
MOBILE, AL - JANUARY 27: Baker Mayfield /

The Miami Dolphins have been a popular link to incoming freshman quarterbacks Baker Mayfield and Josh Rosen. The likelihood of them adding a quarterback in round one however, is all but gone.

On Monday the Buffalo Bills made a huge trade with the Bengals sending left tackle Cordy Glenn in exchange for a swap of first round draft picks. The Bills now own the 12th overall pick and either  the 21st or 22nd whichever wasn’t swapped with the Bengals.

The trade comes a couple of days after the Bills acquired the Browns 3rd round pick for quarterback Tyrod Taylor. The Bills are not hiding their need or desire to draft a quarterback in the first round.

Miami is now one spot ahead of the Bills but the Bills are likely going to mimic what the Eagles did to get Carson Wentz. Trade up half-way and then make the move on draft day to get into the top five.

Miami’s problem is that if they are serious about Baker Mayfield or Josh Rosen as they have been rumored to be, they don’t possess the same ammunition or the assets to move up in the draft and they will need to move up if quarterback is what they covet.

On Monday night the Dolphins reportedly hosted Mayfield for dinner and the Dolphins continue to be a hot team connected to the quarterback.

The top of the draft is going to play with quarterbacks going quickly. Despite the trade for Taylor the Browns are still expected to make Sam Darnold the first pick in this years draft and then add Saquan Barkley with pick four. They may swap those players as many don’t believe Barkley will remain on the board to the 4th spot.

The Giants appear to be set on another year of Eli Manning and some have said they want one more push to win with him. Those same members of the media believe the Giants will pass on quarterback at the 2nd overall pick but more likely they will entertain trade options if they don’t actually draft a quarterback.

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The Colts at three will not draft a quarterback but they are a very likely trade partner for any team looking to jump up in the top three to guarantee a quarterback. This is a very likely landing spot for the Bills because if the Browns pass on QB with the number 1 pick, the Bills could have their choice of all QB’s at pick 4.

Denver picks in the 5th spot and this is going to be interesting as they have been linked to free agent quarterback Case Keenum. It has been reported that Keenum will be looking for a contract in the $18 million per season range and if that is the case, the Broncos will not spend a 5th overall on a quarterback unless Keenum is a one year deal.

Then comes the Jets at number six and they will most certainly draft a quarterback. That QB could be Rosen, Josh Allen, or Mayfield depending on what Buffalo does and what happens with the Giants, Browns, and Broncos.

If a quarterback such as Rosen or Mayfield happen by chance to make it past the Jets, the Dolphins could be in play if their interest is genuine. Picks seven through ten are not held by quarterback needy teams. Only the Arizona Cardinals would be a potential trade up team for a quarterback.

Free agency hasn’t started by the Cardinals look to be the odd team out of the quarterback sweepstakes. Keenum appears to be leaning towards Denver, Cousins will sign with the Vikings, and Teddy Bridgewater is being linked to the Dolphins as a potential back-up but that rumor has little steam right now. The Cardinals pick 15th.

If Miami is targeting Rosen or Mayfield, it may be time to look at Lamar Jackson later in round one or a quarterback later in the draft. The cost of moving up into position to draft Mayfield or Rosen is going to be steep. As in a first round draft pick in 2019 as well. Frankly, that pick could be a top five or ten draft pick.

Free agency is going to give teams in need and want of quarterbacks a good idea of what the draft is going to hold for them. For now, it appears the Bills have the best chance outside of Cleveland to land the player they want as opposed to who is left over. Not good to see this in an AFC East rival.