On paper the Miami Dolphins have improved through free agency

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The Miami Dolphins have not played a game yet and won’t for quite a while but on paper the free agent moves the team has made, has improved the roster.

At first glance fans might believe the Dolphins have taken a step backwards and that is something that would be easily seen given the moves they have made. Looking at what they lost, it would appear that the Dolphins are heading for another losing season.

No loss will be felt more than the loss of Jarvis Landry. He will be the attention getter for the 2018 offense. How Danny Amendola and Albert Wilson pick up that slack along with returning Jakeem Grant will decide whether the offense is better or not.

Truth be told, Landry was a crutch. A very good crutch but a crutch nonetheless. Without Landry the Dolphins should be able to open up the offense more and this is not a knock on Landry but when you have a go to receiver who catches over 100 balls from the slot, the outside receivers are not getting the ball. Of course that also has to do with the offensive lines pass protection.

Miami improved their offensive line in a very big way. Josh Sitton is an all-pro guard and rated in the top 5 according to PFF. Sitton will bring a mauler attitude and a leadership on the line that will replace the loss of Mike Pouncey.

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Pouncey when healthy is very good and fans should not lose site of the fact that although he played all season last year, he is one practice and one game away from aggravating his hip and going on IR. Pouncey’s release may be tough but it was needed to move forward with both the Dolphins desire to change the culture but also free cap space to make other moves.

Ja’Wuan James will return in 2018 and while he was injured last year that should not hinder him in 2018. James is a good pass blocker and with better guard support, likely Jesse Davis, he should get better in run blocking as well.

The Dolphins should be fielding their best offensive line in a decade and that should help Ryan Tannehill stay healthy. Of course that is a big question. Tannehill’s knee is and should be a major concern. The Dolphins need to make sure they think forward and get a quarterback that can back him up in case they lose him again. If Tannehill goes down and there is no plan to replace him, the Dolphins are going to be in trouble.

Miami still needs to add a tight-end and a back-up running back to complete the offensive make-over.