How the Miami Dolphins can still land Baker Mayfield

MOBILE, AL - JANUARY 27: Baker Mayfield
MOBILE, AL - JANUARY 27: Baker Mayfield /

The Miami Dolphins supposedly love Baker Mayfield but come April’s NFL Draft it is unlikely they get the chance to draft him. Mayfield however could fall.

It has been seen before. A top first round talent drops and continues to fall. In 2005 that player was Aaron Rodgers who most believed would be a top five or ten draft pick. He slid into the 20’s. In 2007 Brady Quinn was supposed to be that years big quarterback and he too slid into the 20’s.

While Rodgers has become one of the leagues elite quarterbacks, Quinn is no longer in the NFL after years of underperforming. This year many believe that Baker Mayfield will be a top five to ten draft pick and with so many quarterback needy teams it is likely he will be gone.

But what if?

Cleveland we know will take a quarterback with the first overall pick. That should be Sam Darnold. Cleveland would do more for themselves drafting running back Saquon Barkley at one and then take a quarterback at four. There will be one there. It all depends on how much they like Darnold.

The Giants have been really quiet this off-season and draft rumors have been wide-spread but scarce. They could go quarterback and if they are no one has really been linked to them at this stage. They could go Barkley if Cleveland passes on him or they could go defensive end or just about any other direction.

What we do believe at this point is that the Giants will not draft Mayfield. At least not yet.

It will get interesting when the Giants are on the clock because the Buffalo Bills could jump up to that spot and draft a quarterback. They have the draft pick ammunition and hold two first round picks in this years draft. We know that the Bills will take a quarterback but who is the question.

If the Bills jump up to number two there are reports that they really like Josh Allen. Honestly they could trade up to number five and it will cost them less and could likely still have Allen. The Jets hold the number three pick and this is where things get foggy.

The Jets like Mayfield but they also really like Josh Rosen according to recent rumors and Rosen has less off-field drama that the Jets may find more favorable.

In all likelihood three quarterbacks will be gone in the first five draft slots. Darnold, Rosen, and Allen. That leaves the Broncos who are spending a lot of money on former Vikings quarterback Case Keenum. Keenum has a two-year deal so that does not rule out a quarterback being in play however, the Broncos need to give him the support he needs and frankly, Quentin Nelson, a guard would give him a lot of protection.

The Broncos may draft a quarterback but it could be in round two or three.

If Mayfield is still on the board after the Broncos draft and the Bills have moved up to take a quarterback Mayfield could fall. If the Bills do not move up it is possible that any two of Mayfield/Rosen/Allen could be on the board.

If the Bills opt not to trade up in front of the Broncos they could still very well trade up into any spot in the next five draft slots and the cost would be far less.

The next five teams do not need quarterbacks. The Colts, Buccaneers, Bears, 49’ers, and Raiders. All of them will be in position to trade back and gain more picks. The Colts already traded once with the Jets. Could they trade again with another AFC East team like the Bills? Maybe.

Two other teams could potentially trade up for a quarterback. The Saints and the Cardinals. The Cardinals have pick 15 and to trade up to a top 10 spot, maybe even top six would be costly. The Cardinals are spending $20 million on Sam Bradford but they are not necessarily committed.

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The Saints just signed Drew Brees to an extension but they need to find his successor. The problem the Saints have is the money they have committed to Brees means they believe they will win over the next two years so spending draft picks to move up for a back-up quarterback is unlikely. They will search later in the draft.

This brings us to pick 11 where the Dolphins are selecting. It is believed that the Browns, Jets, and Bills will all be in play for a quarterback but which one is not known. If the Giants pass on quarterback which is possible, the two Josh’s could be going to AFC East teams and that could potentially allow Mayfield to slide to 11.

While it’s completely a guess at this point and will be until draft day, it is possible given the way the draft is shaping up at the top. If Mayfield is gone it’s possible that either Josh Allen or Josh Rosen would fall. The Dolphins have reported interest in Rosen as well.

Of course the Dolphins could go a completely different route and take a linebacker which is a big need. Miami could have their choice between Tremain Edmunds and Roquan Smith. With a little over a month away from the start of the draft, many things will change but quarterback shouldn’t be ruled out for the Dolphins just yet. Whether it is a smart decision or not is a different story all together. In fact, Mayfield could fall past Miami as well.