Miami Dolphins mock drafts show players rising and falling

Locker room tape at the trainer table in the Dolphins locker room. - Image by Brian Miller
Locker room tape at the trainer table in the Dolphins locker room. - Image by Brian Miller /

The Miami Dolphins will be on the clock in less than two weeks and who will be available when they select could be interesting. Recent mock drafts are suggesting who might fall to and from Miami.

There is no question that anyone saying they know who the Dolphins will draft right now, today, do not have a clue as to what they are talking about. The Dolphins are keeping things pretty close in-house right now and it will stay that way until draft night.

For every report about the Dolphins interest in quarterback, there is growing talk about their interest in other players. The question really comes down to what the Dolphins want and who they want and finally what are they willing to give up to get that player?

This year more than recent years is interesting because the Dolphins may actually be so in love with one specific player that trading up to get him is the most important thing for the team on draft night. It is very hard to imagine the Dolphins selling the farm for say Baker Mayfield but come a week from Thursday, I think we will find out.

Until then, all we have are mock drafts. Tomorrow morning around 7:00 a.m. our complete first round mock draft will publish. Whether it is our first and last is unknown at this time. Stuff changes quickly in the week ahead of the draft. Here is a look at who is moving and falling to and from the Dolphins in the most recent mock drafts around the internet.

Falling from:

Baker Mayfield – Mayfield was the Dolphins top choice as little as three weeks ago but it appears that he will be off the board as soon as pick three to the New York Jets. Mayfield was often mocked to the Dolphins at 11 heading into the late March early April draft season but no more. Off the board in the top five in almost every mock draft now, Mayfield isn’t an option for Miami unless they trade up.

Falling to:

Josh Rosen – Rosen wasn’t originally on the Dolphins radar but many believe that Adam Gase is now infatuated with the UCLA quarterback and his off-field demeanor has seemingly turned a lot of teams off if you believe the “experts”. Rosen is starting to become a popular mock selection for the Dolphins at 11.

Falling from:

Roquan Smith – Miami fans would be thrilled to see the best pure linebacker of this draft class in orange and aqua next season but while earlier mock drafts had him a shoe in for the 11th draft pick the Dolphins are now watching the mocks predict he will be off the board anywhere between three and four picks before the Dolphins are on the clock.

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Falling to: 

Minkah Fitzpatrick – The Dolphins could use some secondary help and many believe that the athleticism of Fitzpatrick is simply too much for the Dolphins to pass up. Fitzpatrick is sliding on many mock drafts and some even have him falling past the Dolphins.

Falling from: 

Tremain Edmunds – Another top linebacker prospect is on the way up in most draft boards. Those doing mock drafts are having trouble deciding which prospect will go first, Roquan Smith or Edmunds. Smith is more ready now but Edmunds has a higher ceiling as he is only 19 years old.

Falling to:

Derwin James – James wasn’t a popular pick in early mock drafts but with the shake-ups at quarterback in the top five and the linebackers coming off the boards in the top 10, James is sliding and more and more mock drafts are including him in their mock drafts as a potential pick for the Dolphins.

Staying the same:

Vita Vea – The big defensive tackle is still a popular Miami Dolphins selection in many mock drafts. In fact one draft site that compiles many of the selections from top draft sites have Vea as the top pick for the Dolphins. Ndamukong Suh leaving has a lot to do with this.

For now that is about it. These players cover the majority of what is being mocked to Miami across the internet. A few different players might pop in and out of a mock draft but these are the guys that are garnering the most attention.