Miami Dolphins can draft quarterback with Ryan Tannehill starting

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - AUGUST 10: Ryan Tannehill
MIAMI GARDENS, FL - AUGUST 10: Ryan Tannehill /

The Miami Dolphins are heavy favorites to add a quarterback in round one of the NFL Draft. If one is available that is.

Rumors about the Dolphins drafting a quarterback have split many in the Dolphins fan base apart. There are plenty of fans who will point to Ryan Tannehill being the starter only two seasons removed from leading the team to the post-season.

Belive it or not Ryan Tannehill is the third best quarterback in yards passing in his first four seasons as a pro. Behind Peyton Manning and Dan Marino. Yet Tannehill receives very little praise outside of being able to take a hit. Now they can’t say that either.

There are those that call Tannehill brittle and that is not true but his knee is a real cause for concern because any time an ACL is involved a players future is in question. Especially a quarterback whose best attribute is running the football.

This is where many fans begin their debates over whether or not a quarterback should be the top pick in this years draft for the Dolphins. The answer is yes. You can draft a quarterback in round one and start Tannehill in 2018 and 2019. In fact, it makes the most sense to do it that way.

Two names seem to stick with the Dolphins in this draft at that position. Baker Mayfield and Josh Rosen. Mayfield seems to be more ready to start than Rosen but Mayfield is likely off the board in the top three picks of the draft.

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Here is why drafting a quarterback makes sense for the Dolphins in round one.

1: Linebackers are off the board: If both Roquan Smith and Tremain Edmunds are gone by pick 11 the Dolphins are going to add a rotational player to their roster. Be it DT Vita Vea or one of the safeties or corners. In other words, Miami isn’t going to likely draft a full-time starter without changing some things on their roster around.

2: The Dolphins need insurance: Brock Osweiller is not a capable back-up and if Ryan Tannehill goes down again for any reason, Osweiller is an in-game substitute at best. Relying on him to finish a season or lead your team to the post-season is asking too much.

Obviously if Tannehill goes down with a re-injure to his knee,  the chances that a rookie is going to come off the bench and lead you to the playoffs is also absurd but if Tannehill goes down that rookie is your future starter. Tannehill’s career will be over with Miami and no amount of rehab is going to change that. Drafting a rookie puts a franchise replacement on the roster now.

3: Drafting a quarterback doesn’t have to put pressure on the Dolphins to play him. Miami can work with that rookie, iron out the wrinkles and let that QB learn the system and the speed of the NFL. It has worked around the league before. Miami has to be proactive in their search for a quarterback and having two QB’s on the roster that are considered franchise players is not a bad thing.

4: Ryan Tannehill could have his best season of his career in 2018 and if that happens the Dolphins can keep him around through 2019 or trade him. A great or even a good year for Tannehill increases his value for a trade and having a quarterback in the wings already gives Miami more options in this regard.

Quarterback is the flashy position but it doesn’t have to be a controversial pick. There is room for two quarterbacks on the roster, even three. Ryan Tannehill isn’t losing his job to a rookie but he will be pushed to improve and that too is something Miami needs. Quality competition at quarterback.