A look back at the Miami Dolphins late draft successes. Part four, the 90’s

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - JANUARY 01: Defensive end Jason Taylor
MIAMI GARDENS, FL - JANUARY 01: Defensive end Jason Taylor /

Each season there’s so much focus trying to determine who the Dolphins will select in the first round, but my contention is the rest of the draft is probably more important to the future of the team.

In the fourth part of a decade by decade look through the Dolphins drafts, we’ll continue to mention players not drafted at the top of the draft that contributed to their overall success.

In 1991, in the 5th round, pick 113, Miami selected the fiery LB out of West Illinois, Bryan Cox. Cox would go on to play 165 games in his career and eventually become an assistant coach, for a number of years before being fired by the Falcons in 2017.

In 1992, Miami selected LB Dwight Hollier in the 4th round, pick 97. Hollier played 138 career games, starting 69 of them. He spent his last season in Indianapolis with the Colts.

Also, in 1992, Miami drafted DT Larry Webster in the 3rd round, pick 70. Webster went on to play in 136 career games for three teams. He played for Miami, Cleveland, and Baltimore, only starting 36 games during his tenure in the NFL. 16 of those starts were with the Dolphins.

In 1993, G Chris Gray was selected in the 5th round, pick 132. Gray played 42 games with Miami and another 158 with Seattle. He started a whopping 170 games in his career.

That same year in the 3rd round, pick 78 Miami selected RB Terry Kirby out of Virginia. Kirby went on to play 110 games in his career.

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In 1996, Miami found a few gems. Shawn Wooden was selected in the 6th round and went on to play in 104 games. But, the real steal came in the 5th round pick 154, LB Zach Thomas. Thomas went on to be one of the faces of the franchise. His career lasted 184 games all with Miami except for his last season in which he spent it with Dallas.

In the 4th round, that same season Miami selected FB Stanley Pritchett who played in 120 career games with 4 teams.

In 1997, Miami selected Derrick Rodgers in the 3rd round. Rodgers played in 116 career games. He played in 93 with the Dolphins and 23 with the Saints.

Also in 1997 Miami selected this future Hall Of Famer Jason Taylor in the 3rd round, pick 73. Taylor went on to play a starring role with the Dolphins for 204 of his 233 career games. He started 13 games between the Redskins and Jets late in his career before returning to Miami to finish his career where it began.

There wasn’t much mid draft success the rest of the decade for the team and they’d begin to feel it in the coming years.

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