Dolphins’ Mike Gesicki to wear 86, here is who wore it before him

GLENDALE, AZ - DECEMBER 30: Tight end Mike Gesicki
GLENDALE, AZ - DECEMBER 30: Tight end Mike Gesicki /

The Miami Dolphins handed out jersey’s and assigned numbers to the rookie class on Thursday as they reported for rookie camp. Mike Gesicki will wear number 88.

Through history some great players have donned the 88 for the Miami Dolphins. In 2017 the number was worn by Leonte Carroo. Gesicki will wear the number going forward.

NOTE: The Dolphins ‘tweeted’ the numbers on Thursday and had Gesicki wearing 86. On their website he is listed as wearing 88 on the roster lineup as is Carroo. I’ve added and 86 history at the bottom just in case.

NOTED UPDATE:  An error on the Dolphins website had Gesicki in 88.  I have confirmed that he will wear 86.  This article will remain as is with the addition of 86 at the bottom.  88 could become available if Carroo does not make the roster.  The title has been changed to reflect the mistake.

88 was Gesicki’s number in college at Penn State. Here is a look at the other prominent Dolphins who have worn the number.

In total 20 players have worn the uniform number and Gesicki will make the 21st in team history. Despite a couple of really good names in history, no one wore it better than the late Jim “Mad-Dog” Mandich.

Jim Mandich – 1970 – 1977

Mandich is one of the most revered members of the Miami Dolphins and his contributions to the team extended from his playing days in the ’70’s to his work in the broadcast booth calling the games on radio. Mandich sadly lost his battle with cancer in 2011.

Mandich however before he died was a pivotal part of the Dolphins drive to find a cure for the disease and his involvement with the team helped form the annual Dolphins Cycling Challenge to raise money to fight cancer.

More from Dolphins News

Keith Jackson – 1992 – 1994

Keith Jackson signed with the Dolphins in 1992 after a judge ruled that five players would receive a temporary restraining order against the NFL’s “Plan-B” free agency. They were immediately made unrestricted free agents for five days in mid-September. Jackson quickly signed with the Dolphins. He scored 18 touchdowns in his three-year career with the Dolphins and went to the Pro-Bowl (which actually was played like a game) in 1992.

Chris Carter – 2002

Carter was with the Dolphins for one season. He recorded just 8 catches for 66 yards and one touchdown in his five games. Carter is really just a blip in the Dolphins history books but he is in the Hall of Fame which means that the jersey number was worn by an HOF member.

Other names you may remember:

Jeff Ogden, Nate Jacquet, Derrius Thompson, Jeron Mastrud, Brian Kinchen, Vince Heflin, and David Martin.

The best who wore 86 in case this is the number Gesicki actually wears.

Vern Den Herder – 1971

Den Herder wore the number for one season of a great career with the Dolphins

Marlin Briscoe – 1972 – 1974

Briscoe was the first African American to start an NFL football game at quarterback, doing so with the Denver Broncos. He would provide depth at QB for the Dolphins but made his mark with the Dolphins as a wide-receiver. There was a movie in the works about his life called “The Magician”.

Oronde Gadsden – 1998 – 2003

Gadsden was a great receiver for the Dolphins during the Jimmy Johnson and Dave Wannstedt years. He was reliable with good hands and could get over top defenders to take the ball out of the air.

Marty Booker – 2004 – 2007

Booker’s career with the Dolphins was pretty good. He came to Miami as part of the Adewale Ogunleye trade with the Bears.

Rishard Matthews wore the number for one season in 2012 and Jake Stoneburner was the last to wear the uniform number in 2015.