Where should Ryan Tannehill rank among 2018 quarterbacks?

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - DECEMBER 11: Ryan Tannehill /

If you live on social media you will have seen the amount of debate surrounding Miami Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill. Most of it hasn’t been good.

When the Dolphins opted to not trade up for a quarterback in round one, many fans thought that they would address the position later in the draft. When the draft ended the Dolphins did not have another quarterback. When the undrafted rookies signed, the Dolphins did not add another quarterback.

And that only fueled the doom and gloom debate over the Dolphins 2018 season and Ryan Tannehill.

It’s hard to argue with any mainstream media outlet or even another blog who shows little respect to Tannehill. Afterall, Dolphins fans are so divided on the issue that most would rank him near the bottom of any list as well.

One question that needs to be asked however is this. Is the Ryan Tannehill negativity due to being Ryan Tannehill or is it because of his knee?

This is important because yes his knee is a concern. No one knows what his knee will be like when the pads go on and he is running outside to the sidelines. Will he continue to run with the speed he displayed prior to injury or will Adam Gase try to make him a pocket passer? We all know that Tannehill is far better as a quarterback out of the pocket.

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There are obvious players who are head and shoulders above Tannehill heading into 2018. Aaron Rodgers, Drew Brees, and that guy from New England who can’t catch. There are other quarterbacks who are rising, Jared Goff, Kirk Cousins, and Carson Wentz who is also recovering from a major knee injury.

For Tannehill, is quarterback ranking should likely fall around the middle of the pack. It should start at 16 and at that point you can begin the debate of who is better or worse. The reality is simply this. If Tannehill recovers from his injury than he will likely return to what he was in 2016 prior to being hurt. And that was pretty good.

Tannehill has to recover both physically and mentally from this injury and if he can do that, there is no reason to believe that he won’t lead this team to wins in 2018.