Miami Dolphins land one in NFL’s top 100 but should have more

MIAMI GARDENS, FL - OCTOBER 22: Cameron Wake /

The Miami Dolphins didn’t fare too well with the NFL’s top 100 list. The list is compiled annually and it’s safe to make the argument that Miami should have had more.

Cameron Wake came in at number 74 on the NFL’s Top 100 ranking and frankly while it could and maybe should have been a little higher, he is within a 10-15 range that is fitting. As Wake gets older his stock is going to drop a bit but seeing him still in the 75 is a good sign that he is receiving the recognition he deserves.

The Miami Dolphins may have only put one player in the top 100 but the Cleveland Browns have two which makes you laugh when you consider that they didn’t win a game last year. The reality sets in and you realize that the two players were not part of the Browns team in 2017.

Former 49’ers running back Carlos Hyde came in at 97 and you guessed it, former Miami Dolphins receiver Jarvis Landry came in at number 52. Sorry Jarvis, you didn’t crack the top 50 this year and chances are you won’t with the Browns.

New England placed two in the top 20 with Rob Gronkowski at 15 and of course Tom Brady at number one. What seemed more of a diss however was that Aaron Rodgers was 10th and Carson Wentz was third. But hey, o.k. whatever.

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Back to the Dolphins. Not a lot of things went right last year for Miami but Reshad Jones should have been in the top 100 even if it was in the 80’s. He is a solid player who would gain a lot more national attention if he played on a winning team. Let’s face it, you can be a bad football team and churn out notable players but if you play in Miami, forget about it. The national media and others are already envious of the tropical weather and culture of South Florida. Jones should have still been on this list.

The NFL’s top 100 is a joke though and really makes little sense until you realize that like the Pro-Bowl, it’s nothing more than a popularity contest. Case Keenum at 51? Jimmy Garrappolo at 90? How about Deshaun Watson who played all of seven games last season as a rookie coming in at number 50?

At least no Jets made the list. The Bills had two.