Former Miami Dolphins receiver takes more shots at Dolphins

A bag of footballs sit on the sideline untouched by Tom Brady's trainers at Hard Rock Stadium - Image by Brian Miller
A bag of footballs sit on the sideline untouched by Tom Brady's trainers at Hard Rock Stadium - Image by Brian Miller /

The Miami Dolphins trade of a certain wide-receiver continues to be a point with the national media and that receiver continues to poke at Miami’s front office.

When the Miami Dolphins traded Jarvis Landry to the Browns it made headlines. Fans were upset and the national media bemoaned the trade and immediately penciled the Dolphins to fail. In Cleveland they were lauded for signing such a big offensive weapon.

Within this scope of reality there are two certainties. If the Dolphins gave Landry the contract Cleveland did, they would be laughed. In Cleveland they are applauded.

Landry’s name is once again being brought up and again he is talking a bit of trash about his former team. Dolphins fans will tell you this is over, move on, he is gone and even good riddance but Landry can’t keep his mouth shut and obviously his feelings are hurt.

"“I was hurt by it,” Landry says. “I became the face of the franchise in Miami, and I don’t think they wanted me to be that. The respect was just never there.” – Via"

Landry was discussing his contract negotiations with Miami. He told that the Dolphins best offer was $55 million over 5 years with $27 million guaranteed. The question is, was Jarvis Landry the face of the franchise? The Dolphins will have you believe otherwise as even an injured Ryan Tannehill was in more promotional material than Landry.

Landry said about a month ago that his relationship with Tannehill was never that good but his relationship with Adam Gase apparently wasn’t either.

"“When I’d go to talk to [Gase] about it, he’d curse me out,” he says. “ ‘Why are you telling me how to do my job?’ It got to the point where the environment was just awful.”" reports that Gase did not comment when reached through a team spokesman.

There were rumors floating around last year that Landry started doing his “own thing” when it came time to run routes. Something that may have contributed to the Dolphins failed attempts at a trade deadline move in 2018. The Dolphins denied they tried to trade him.

As the start of free agency approached, the Dolphins and Landry grew further apart and at one point it began to get ugly with Landry saying he would not sign his franchise tag and then the Dolphins trading him to the Browns.

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All of this means nothing for the 2018 Miami Dolphins but it does continue the debate of whether the problem was Jarvis Landry or the team. A phenomenal football player for certain it simply appears that Landry wanted more from the Dolphins than they believed he could give in return.

It was announced at the start of Browns camp that Landry would see practice time on the outside. In Miami both Joe Philbin and Adam Gase tried to move Landry outside but it didn’t work out. We will see if it works out in Cleveland.

Landry has a lot of fans in Miami and for those that realize this is the ugly side of the NFL business, it’s sad that it can’t be simply let go. The Browns for what it is worth, will be the featured team on HBO’s annual “Hard Knocks” starting in the next week or two.