The NFL’s new tackling rules make little sense and will ruin the season

The NFL's new tackling rules will make referees more in line to decide game outcomes - image by Brian Miller
The NFL's new tackling rules will make referees more in line to decide game outcomes - image by Brian Miller /

The NFL has new tackle policies in place that frankly make little sense except to make the game irritate you even more.

Two pre-season game in and there is one thing we have learned from the NFL, they don’t want you to tackle anyone and they may as well just adopt their Pro-Bowl game rules because the NFL is becoming nothing more than garbage.

Safety is at the forefront of everything the NFL is doing these days and that is because of litigation from concussion lawsuits and the NFLPA continually objecting to the NFL doing nothing to prevent injury. Well, the NFL is doing it now.

They say there are only two certainties in life. Death and taxes. We can now add “lots of yellow” to that as well.

Helmet to helmet hits are dangerous and while the NFL is trying to curb the style of tackling there needs be some intelligence put into this process. A running back for instance can lower his head as he is about to make contact. In doing so, he is not flagged. A defender on the other hand who lowers his head or even his shoulder is flagged for a penalty.

Making matters worse is the fact that because the runner is lowering his head, he is almost guaranteed 100% of the time to take first impact to his head. If the NFL wants defenders not to hit the head then they either need to flag the runner for lowering his head or dismiss the flag when a runner lowers it.

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This past weekend we saw yet another example of what the NFL is going to be like in 2018. That came in a game between the Bears and the Vikings and Tom Brady should be the biggest beneficiary of this rule. Due to new laws prohibiting the use of images and videos that are considered proprietary we can’t show you the video in questions but you can GO HERE to see it. 

For years the NFL has been called soft and that isn’t going to change with 2018. It is becoming an issue so bad that you wonder why teams really need defenses at all. In fact why not just “two-hand touch” quarterbacks for crying out loud? It is coming to that.

2018 is not going to be a fun year if you are a fan of defenses but you are going to love the fact that you no longer have to have a great offense to move the ball down the field. You just need a quarterback who is willing to get tackled on every play and gain 15 yards.