The Miami Dolphins should not trade for Teddy Bridgewater

Under the Dolphins banner entering the field at Hard Rock Stadium - Image by Brian Miller
Under the Dolphins banner entering the field at Hard Rock Stadium - Image by Brian Miller /

Even though the Miami Dolphins backup QB situation is in disarray, a trade for Teddy Bridgewater does not make a lot of sense.

There is no doubt that the Miami Dolphins have a problem when it comes to their backup quarterback dilemma, even if the management doesn’t want to admit it. If anything happens to starter Ryan Tannehill, and one of these guys in David Fales, Brock Osweiler, or Bryce Petty has to step in, this season is basically done.

After two preseason games, I would even have to go as far as to say that Petty has looked the best, and deserves a shot at more reps the remainder of this preseason. With all the question marks surrounding Miami’s backups, the idea of bringing in someone more proven as insurance has picked up steam. Those talks have even transpired over to the Dolphins as one of the teams showing interest in Teddy Bridgewater.

Bridgewater has been outstanding this preseason, and it makes sense why so many teams are interested in trading for him. It also makes sense why the Dolphins have an interest in him, but the truth is, they should have shown it earlier this year when he was a free agent. Bridgewater has ties with South Florida as he grew up there, and even played with WR DeVante Parker in college at Louisville. Surely, if Miami had shown interest in him back in March he would have listened, but they didn’t and eventually he signed on with the Jets for a one-year deal.

With Sam Darnold and Josh McCown on the roster, the Jets can afford to let Bridgewater go for compensation. They initially brought him on board as insurance, but it looks like Darnold may be ready to get the ball rolling already. Given how well Bridgewater has been playing it makes sense for the Jets to try to get something in return for him.

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Finding good quarterbacks in this league are hard to come by so you can believe that the Jets will only be willing to trade Bridgewater if they are well compensated. The Dolphins are among at least a handful of teams that are interested in Bridgewater, and there are likely more that have kept their interests secret.

The Jets are probably going to want at least a future 4th round pick, and some teams may be willing to give away even more. As much as I would love to see Bridgewater in a Dolphins uniform, that is simply too much to give up for him on their end. Given that it’s a division foe, the Jets would be reluctant to trade him to Miami to begin with, so the Dolphins would have to offer more than any other team is willing just to get them to consider it.

On Monday’s episode of the Dolphins Talk podcast, the host Mike gave a very accurate analysis on how it looks for the Dolphins. Miami had their chance back during the start of free agency to try to bring him in to provide some type of insurance, but they decided against it. Now, some will claim that he too is coming off of a torn ACL, and it wouldn’t be wise to have two quarterbacks returning from the same injury. Normally, I would agree, but the Dolphins signed Brock Osweiler shortly thereafter. I would rather had seen Miami take a chance on Bridgewater’s knee than sign an underwhelming player like Osweiler.

For Miami to try to trade for him now would look foolish. The Dolphins can ill afford to lose draft picks that are high in value. Especially considering that Bridgewater is simply on a one-year deal, and that there’s a good chance he signs elsewhere next season. If a trade were to happen, and Tannehill stayed healthy all season, the Dolphins would virtually have given up a draft pick for nothing.

Bridgewater is a great player, but it’s not good business. It should have been done in the offseason when he was still available. There is the chance that the Jets could release Bridgewater as it would save them $5 million in cap space. Should that happen then Miami should jump at the opportunity, but only if he is released.

The talk of Bridgewater being traded at all sounds like a lot of smoke, and probably won’t happen unless there is a key injury. The Dolphins should be focused at this time on how they can improve their defense as they have struggled through two preseason games. Adding a defensive tackle or linebacker, maybe even a proven cornerback would be more ideal at the moment. The run defense should be Miami’s top concern right now. As for Bridgewater, Miami is better off waiting until next offseason to try to sign him when he is once again a free agent.