Miami Dolphins week two PhinPhanatic staff predictions


The Miami Dolphins will play visitors to the visiting New York Jets this Sunday and the PhinPhatic staff gives your our final score predictions.

There is a long history between the Miami Dolphins and the New York Jets and each year “Jets” week brings more attention than any other AFC East rivalry game. To say the least there is little love between the teams and their fan bases.

This week we asked the staff of to give us their predictions heading into Sunday. Both the Dolphins and the Jets won their opening weekend games and the Jets did it with an impressive showing. Here are our predictions for Sunday.

Sean Moon… aka The Alaskan Assassin… aka The Complainer..

Another close game this week, but Wake and Quinn (aka Dynamic Duo) get going on their sack totals for the season. Mr. Tannehill finds some love over the middle with Amendola and Gesicki to outlast the AFC east CantGetRights!!!

Miami 24 NY forgETS 17

Eric Frosbutter… aka The Doubter… aka out of the office

I’ll be more optimistic this week.

Dolphins 31 Jets 20

Fishin Guy… aka still mysterious… aka Fin collector

The Dolphins set the right tone in week one with a win. I believe head coach Adam Gase moves forward against a Jets team looking to find themselves. Easy win if we pick up where we left off.

Dolphins 38 Jets 9

Genovesi, Gabriel… aka the Archangel… aka the Italian Stallion…

Sam Darnold played fantastic in his NFL debut, but rookie quarterbacks are almost always inconsistent. In the NFL, if you are not a top-5 team, rarely do you dominate in back-to-back weeks. Miami’s defense might bend but they won’t break, and the offense will be better in the red zone.

Dolphins 24 Jets 20

Brian Murray… aka Brian numero dos… aka fedora for the win

The Jets won’t have a cakewalk this week, they aren’t playing the lowly Detroit Lions. They’re playing an improved Miami team that will play even better in week 2, without the weather delays. I think the Dolphins will be able to get more into a rhythm and play a more consistent game. The linebackers will make more noise and the “Dynamic Duo” of Frank Gore and Kenyan Drake will look even better. Dolphins will bring the Jets back down to earth.

Dolphins 30 Jets 20

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Nick Belotto… Little Nicky… aka last but not least

The Miami defense will spoil Sam Darnold’s home opener and Ryan Tannehill will have a good day in New York to cement the victory.

Dolphins 24 Jets 21

Shawn Digity… I like the way you work it… I got to bag it up

Both teams got off to a good start with week-1 wins. They both impressed in the season opener after constantly overlooked during the offseason. Tannehill will look to continue his return to form but will face a tough secondary that features Jamal Adams, Marcus Maye and An underrated Morris Claiborne. Rookie QB Sam Darnold had a solid outing in his first official start and will look to continue his progression. I look for these teams to have a surprising, high-flying game with the Dolphins edging out a close victory in the fourth quarter.

Travis Richardson… aka safe in the Rockies… aka Testaverde hater

The Dolphins find unique ways to get pressure on Darnold and Tannehill doesn’t repeat Stafford’s interception performance. As long as the special teams’ coverage unit doesn’t fall apart, I see the Dolphins getting a big division win on the road.

Dolphins 34 Jets 14

Brian Miller… aka the hurricane chaser… aka looking death in the face

The Jets won in week two last year in New York. This year the Jets look to be faster and seem settled at quarterback. The Dolphins play fast but so do the Jets on defense. This could be a defensive game and the key will be to force rookie Sam Darnold into mistakes. Miami could win this game but the rivalry between these two has seen incredible games through history.

Dolphins 24 – Jets 26