Brian Flores introduced as Miami Dolphins HC preaches team

Brian Flores is introduced as the new head coach for the Miami Dolphins - image courtesy of the Miami Dolphins
Brian Flores is introduced as the new head coach for the Miami Dolphins - image courtesy of the Miami Dolphins /

The Miami Dolphins have made it official introducing Brian Flores as their new head coach and immediately Flores layed out what he expects.

When the Miami Dolphins held their press conference today it was going to be interesting to hear what Brian Flores was all about. It was the first time since his name emerged as a candidate that we were able to listen to what he wants to accomplish. And now we know.

Flores wasted little time in thanking the organization before jumping into the two words that he spoke throughout the entire conference. Team first. That, at it’s very core, is where the Patriots built their dynasty. Flores will try to emulate that.

He said that it would not be easy and that finding “11” players to come together in a team first manner isn’t easy to get accross and that was the challenge ahead. He said that there will be “pain” seemingly referencing the re-building of the roster. Then there was selfishness.

Adam Gase love players who loved football and he believed that was enough to change a culture in the locker room. Finding players that love football is a lot easier than finding players who not only love the game but will put anything and everything on the line for the team first. In an era that is more about the “me” and the “pay” it will be hard for Flores to find those types of players.

In New England it became easy. The Patriots built a winning franchise with the right mentality when the salary cap structure was different. They built a winner with a quarterback who is nowhere near the top paid at his position. They did this because those who got their money but not the ring wanted to chase the ring. In Miami there is no ring to chase. Not yet.

The Dolphins have to start over and they have to start new and that is what Flores is bringing with him. His press conference was impressive. He had the answers to the questions but when he didn’t know, he said he didn’t.

Unlike Adam Gase who believed that he was the smartest guy in the room, according to someone with knowledge of that situation, Flores said the atmosphere and the mentality change comes from the owner, the GM, the head coach, the coaches, players, and even the cleaning crew who comes in at night. In Brian Flores’ NFL there is no room for me players.

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If there is one positive about Flores it is that he has only known one way to do things and that way has led to six Super Bowls, Flores has four of those. It may or may not work in Miami but it is a new approach for a team that has no identity and has been mired in mediocrity for more than 10 years.

When asked about why he wanted to become a head coach with Miami he explained that there was never a timeline to get to the head coaching position. He said that he talked it over with his family and when he exited the interview with Chris Grier, Tom Garfinkel, and Stephen Ross he was excited becaue they all shared the same vision. Something he said is important to the success of an organization.

There is no selfishness about him and that too is something that he preaches to his players. A man that has come from nothing in life and from nothing in the NFL has turned his life into a head coaching job.

In the end, Flores came across knowledgeable and likeable but firm. He said he demands a lot from his players but he makes sure they know he respects them. He demands the same from his coaches. Now all he has to do is get through one or two seasons of hell and maybe he can turn this thing around.