Miami Dolphins Brian Flores isn’t tanking for a number one draft pick

Brian Flores is introduced as the Miami Dolphins head coach - image courtesy of the Miami Dolphins
Brian Flores is introduced as the Miami Dolphins head coach - image courtesy of the Miami Dolphins /

The Miami Dolphins are rebuilding and that is fine but don’t say they are tanking. Brian Flores isn’t conceding the 2019 season just yet.

Brian Flores spoke with NFL Networks Judy Batista this week and downplayed the whole rebuild thing but when it comes to tanking, you can forget about that. Flores isn’t interested.

"“I think right now for the Dolphins, it’s, you know, our goal is to improve every day, just get a bit better every day,” Flores said. “I can tell you, we’re going to go try, gonna go out there and try to win every game. That’s gonna be our goal every week. So I think that’s where we’re at.” – Via Judy Batista"

Flores isn’t going to come out and say, “yeah the idea is that we are going to lose so we can have a high draft pick in 2020”. He also isn’t going to go out and try to lose deliberately or lose at all. That isn’t what coaches do and if he did, you could write off his time with the Dolphins because no player wants to play for a guy who is willing to lose.

The entire “tanking” subject can be traced to a local Dolphins beat writer who took to social media calling for the Dolphins to “tank of Tua”. A reference to getting the top pick in 2020’s draft for Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa.

Of course this was all set up previously when owner Stephen Ross said at his press conference announcing the executive shifts and firing of Adam Gase that the team would be rebuilding. Ross said that Gase wanted to “win now” and that they felt it was time to blow it up and start again, basically.

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That leaves Flores whom the Dolphins waited patiently for as the Patriots season ticked on through each passing playoff weekend. Flores isn’t blind and he knows this team is a mess right now. He is putting his head coaching career in the hands of Chris Grier who is putting his career in the hands of Flores.

"“I think the foundation is there, and we’ll just, you know, like every other team we’re building,” he said. “But we, talk about this is gonna take a lot of hard work. It’s gonna take a lot of sticking together.” – Brian Flores via Batista."

Flores knows what is going on as does everyone else. The Dolphins continue to purge portions of their roster and rid themselves of bad contract while getting younger. As for the rebuild, or at least the word “rebuild” Flores says every team rebuilds each and every year and that no team is the same as it was the year before. Yeah that really downplays the whole idea of what the Dolphins are rebuilding here Bill Belichick, I mean Flores.