Enough with the Miami Dolphins throwbacks, change the uniforms for good

Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins offense line up for pre-game snaps in throwback uniforms - image by Brian Miller
Ryan Tannehill and the Dolphins offense line up for pre-game snaps in throwback uniforms - image by Brian Miller /

The Miami Dolphins will add another “throwback” jersey to their 2019 uniform roster according to a report from the owners meetings.

A report on Twitter from Joe Schad says to prepare for another throwback jersey in 2019 and that has the Miami Dolphins fan base buzzing about what uniform we might actually see.

The Dolphins have been using throwback uniforms for years and it has become a big deal in Miami. So much so that last year they petitioned the league to use throwbacks in their final home game. That time they changed the end-zone paint to match the uniforms.

Speculation this time surrounds the potential white on white with orange trim uniforms and yes, they are freaking awesome but then again, all the throwback’s Miami wears are awesome. Why? Because the old logo if freaking awesome.

There isn’t a lot of money to be made by selling throwbacks in the team shop. They sell just fine but no one knows when and if they will wear them. Now it’s time for Stephen Ross to rebuild his brand to go along with his team’s rebuild.

It is time to get rid of throwbacks and use the old logo and uniforms all the time.

Ross needs to realize that this is what the vast majority of his fan base want. It is our history and even the fan base who never saw those uniforms in real life outside of the occasional Sunday or primetime throwback, believe them to be the best. In fact, they are the best uniforms in the NFL period.

The Dolphins started playing around with the logo back in Marino’s playing days with minor adjustments to how the Dolphins fit on the sunburst. When Jimmy Johnson took over the team he wanted a change and the Dolphins got the cartoon Dolphin with somewhat of a grin. That too would undergo minor changes until former CEO Mike Dee made a push to change the logo entirely again.

The result is what we have now with the exception of last years color tweaks. The logo as many say looks like a whale more than a Dolphin. I wouldn’t go that far. In my opinion the current logo is still far better than the J. Johnson cartoon but nothing beats the old original that Miami donned for so many years.

It is unclear if the Dolphins can change the logo over the next few years after making the tweaks last season. The NFL doesn’t allow uniform changes but once every five years. One telltale sign however will let us know if the Dolphins are making any plans to change it back.

The Dolphins are currently overseeing a new training facility being built adjacent to Hard Rock Stadium. Stephen Ross is not going to put a bunch of money into adding the current logo if he has an intention on reverting back to the original. In other words, if we start seeing the old logo pop up during construction we will know.

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One fact I do know is that many in the organization are fans of the old logo. Adam Gase wore it regularly at press conferences and practices as well. I have also been told that the Dolphins do like the idea of rolling out the throwbacks a few times each year and there are some that consider that to be a special event.

Perhaps the Dolphins should petition the league to have an away uniform with the current logo and a home uniform that comprises the old one. Then again, maybe Stephen Ross should listen to the fans and just go back to the Joe Robbie and Don Shula years and bring history back to the Dolphins permanently.