Miami Dolphins need to start Josh Rosen no matter what some think

Josh Rosen throws during OTA/Mini-camp sessions - Image courtesy of
Josh Rosen throws during OTA/Mini-camp sessions - Image courtesy of /

The Miami Dolphins are having a bonafide quarterback competition but they shouldn’t have one at all. Josh Rosen needs to be the starter.

Winning for the Miami Dolphins is important for Stephen Ross and his new head coach Brian Flores. The team is rebuilding and that is great but when it comes to QB, there is only one that should be penciled in as the starter.

When the Miami Dolphins signed Ryan Fitzpatrick to a free agent contract they did so without any real competition for the job. The roster was void of quarterback talent so the signing made sense. Then the Dolphins traded for Josh Rosen. It wasn’t a cheap trade. Miami sent the Cardinals a 2nd round pick and a 5th round pick in 2020. That is an investment.

It is unclear if Josh Rosen will be a franchise QB for the Dolphins but some in the local media want you to know that Fitzpatrick, the long-time veteran has looked much better than the sophomore former first-round draft pick. He should, he absolutely should look better. That, however, is not what the Dolphins need to do in 2019.

They have to know what Josh Rosen is and what he can be. They have to throw him to the wolves and let the season ride on his shoulders. If he succeeds, the Dolphins have their QB and if he fails, they will be in a position to draft one in the first round next year.

Fans are not stupid. We are not the Jets or the Bills and are not bandwagon jumpers like the Patriots. We are Dolphins fans and we have seen QB after QB come and go through South Florida. Finding the future is more important than a couple of wins in an otherwise throw away season.

Dolphins fans know better than to buy into the hype around mini-camps and OTA’s whether they are mandatory or voluntary. We also know that buying into the hype of a QB has brought more heartbreak than enjoyment.

Josh Rosen may not have what it takes to succeed in the NFL and the Dolphins can afford to let him find out this year. There is more value long-term to the team starting Rosen now and letting it play out than to start the veteran and win a couple more games.

For what is worth, no one is saying that Rosen has looked bad through camp. They are simply pointing out that Fitzpatrick has looked better. That shouldn’t be enough. It is important for the coaching staff and General Manager Chris Grier to have a clear idea of what Rosen is offering. He is not a development project that you can spend a year or more working with.

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If the Dolphins can’t find a solution to the QB spot then this rebuild is nothing different than the one that Bill Parcells failed to deliver. Miami is building from the trenches and they took a swing on a top prospect to run the offense. Now they need to commit to that QB and give him a chance. Even if they lose, they will still have a better idea of what Rosen brings to the future if there is anything at all.

While some in the local media want you to believe that Rosen is not Ryan Fitzpatrick, the reality is that Rosen is not Ryan Fitzpatrick but if he were, we would be looking for a long-term back-up and thus keeping him as such serves that purpose. Otherwise, let him play and see what happens.