AFC East recap: Can the Patriots finish 2019 perfect? It looks that way

Week one is in the books for the AFC East and while Miami Dolphins fans are accepting the “tank” the rest of the division is fighting for second place.

There isn’t a whole lot to say about the Miami Dolphins loss on Sunday that hasn’t already been said. We kept things pretty much tongue-in-cheek on Sunday throughout the game. That was to keep our sanity in check. The Dolphins are not alone in the AFC East cellar though.

New York Jets and Buffalo Bills

The Bills handed former Dolphins head coach Adam Gase four turnovers in the first half. Yes, it was that ugly. Adam Gase turned those into a total of six points. There is the Adam Gase we know and love, or hate, or simply laugh at.

Despite the turnovers, Gase couldn’t get the Jets offensive going. He was supposed to right? I mean he has LeVeon Bell and is an offensive genius right? That is what we kept hearing from the NY media and that is what we kept trying to explain to Jets fans all summer long.

Gase hired one of the top defensive coaches in the league. At least in the same circles that Gase is considered a genius. Gregg Williams’ defense did its job in the first half. Buffalo couldn’t do anything right but they still are the Jets.

The Bills came back in the 2nd half to beat the Jets who scored only 10 points in the final two quarters. The Bills managed to get 14 points in the 4th to seal the win.

We didn’t learn much from the game and we still don’t know what those teams will do this year but seeing Gase’s offense fail miserably was at least something for Dolphins fans to smile at.

Pittsburgh Steelers at New England Patriots

The Steelers are supposed to be tough. They are supposed to play the Patriots tough. The Patriots routed them from start to finish. The Patriots looked in mid-season form which is not a good look for the rest of the NFL who still don’t get the fact that making any deals, trades, or whatever with the Patriots is not a good idea.

Today the Patriots add Antonio Brown. For all the talk of distraction that Brown will bring to the team, the Patriots can handle him pretty easily. The rich continue to get richer.

There isn’t much to say about what the Patriots did to the Steelers. It was ugly from the get-go. What does come into mind is that the Patriots looked so good it is hard to see who will knock them out of a chance to go undefeated.

The Patriots have finished one season undefeated but couldn’t close the deal in the Super Bowl. This year they may have a real shot. If the performance on both sides of the ball Sunday night is any indication, the Patriots are set to do something only one team in history has done.

New England won easily 33-3 and their schedule doesn’t get remotely hard until November when they face the Ravens, Eagles, Cowboys, Texans, and Chiefs, in consecutive weeks. If they make it through those games unblemished, the rest of their schedule is against the AFC East and the Bengals.

Next week the Patriots travel to Miami. They haven’t played well there in the past but if 59-10 was ugly, the Dolphins could easily see that horrible record beaten next Sunday.

Baltimore Ravens at Poly Tech High-School

I will simply let the title of this entry stand for itself.