Miami Dolphins Josh Rosen got no help from the offense in loss

If there is a bright spot on the Miami Dolphins offense it may just be Josh Rosen. Starting in his first game for the Dolphins, he looked pretty good.

Josh Rosen was poised in the pocket and his passes were mostly on target. Even the deep balls. The Miami Dolphins still only managed to score six points and that will never be good enough in the NFL.

The Dolphins are hoping that Rosen will develop quickly enough to give them an idea of whether or not he can lead the franchise into the future. Sunday in Dallas did not answer that question but there were plenty of positives to take away from that game.

While Rosen is now, at least for the time being, the face of the franchise on offense, he can’t do it alone and on Sunday he was the only player to truly standout. That is not true, Jesse Davis looked very good on the left side at tackle until he was injured and left the field. At that point, the offensive protections began to break down.

Aside from those two, specifically Rosen, the Dolphins skill positions leave a lot to be desired. At some point, the Dolphins will need to see what they have in Mark Walford and Patrick Laird. Kenyan Drake didn’t play horribly but the fumble inside the Dallas five-yard line was a backbreaker and sapped a lot of energy heading into the locker room.

Kalen Ballage for all the off-season hype and training camp kudos didn’t look good again. This is partly due to the offensive line struggles but even in space, Ballage wasn’t running with the same conviction we expected.

The running game at least can blame protection from the offensive line but the wide-receivers have no excuses at all. A week after dropping two would-be touchdown passes from Rosen against the Patriots, the receivers decided to continue that new trend.

Jakeem Grant dropped a couple of passes that were in his hands. DeVante Parker who made a great one-handed catch dropped an easy one downfield later. Preston Williams for all the accolades he has been receiving dropped two sure touchdowns.

These are points that Miami can’t get back. Points that they fight for tooth and nail and they are not built to recover. This needs to change and with the Dolphins in a rebuild, there will be changes after the season but it is unclear where those changes will take place. Surely some of them will have to be made at the offensive skill spots.

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