Josh Rosen is starting now but still got the short end of the stick

Josh Rosen, Miami Dolphins. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images)
Josh Rosen, Miami Dolphins. (Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images) /

"Josh Rosen had his first start last Sunday against the Dallas Cowboys. According to the boxscore, it wasn’t overly inspiring, but there were some positive plays to take away. Unfortunately, Rosen is fighting an uphill battle either way as far as his Dolphins future goes."

Since the Dolphins are likely to get a high draft pick, it might not mean that much that Rosen is playing. The Dolphins are already 0-3 with their next game against the Los Angeles Chargers. I don’t personally project that as a win for the Dolphins, so I think they’ll go 0-4.

I don’t know the exact number behind this, but teams that start 0-4 don’t usually fare that well the rest of the season. While the Dolphins aren’t projected the number one pick right now, they’re well on their way to achieving it.

Regardless of where they pick, I believe they’re 100% taking a quarterback with their earliest first-round pick. I am hoping that it’s Tua, but if the cards aren’t dealt in the Dolphins favor, then it could be Justin Herbert, Jordan Love, Jake Fromm or even Joe Burrow if he keeps playing all-out.

But back to Rosen for a second. In the upcoming game against the Chargers, Rosen will get his second start. I wouldn’t be surprised if he looks better than he did in that game against the Cowboys, but there should be an understanding about Josh Rosen’s performance for this Sunday and the rest of the season. It doesn’t matter how well he plays.

The Dolphins have three first-rounders; a quarterback is undoubtedly going to be one of them. The sad truth is that the Dolphins won’t be building around Josh Rosen.

Josh Rosen won’t be the quarterback of the future, and he won’t be the Dolphins guy after this year. There are theories that Rosen could get flipped partway through the season, but they don’t hold any merit until the Dolphins make a trade official.

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It seems strange to callously throw Rosen to the wayside after the Dolphins traded for him with a second-rounder earlier this year. I think there might’ve been some buyer’s remorse on that front; maybe there was some hesitancy when they initially dealt for him. I’m not sure the reasoning for why the Dolphins’ front office traded for him or why he didn’t start the season, but

Rosen went from out of the frying pan into the fire with his tenures with the Cardinals and Dolphins. I think he has what it takes to have a long-term and successful career in the NFL, but there’ll be a point where the Dolphins have to cross the Rubicon. Enjoy Rosen’s growth this year. It’ll lead to a successful career for him, just not for the Dolphins.