Miami Dolphins six week point total is more embarrassing than no wins

The Miami Dolphins are an embarrassing 0-5 on the season but the worst part is that isn’t the worst part of this season so far.

After six weeks of football the Miami Dolphins are winless, finished their bye week, and have produced a point total that should is downright embarrassing. In five games this season, the Dolphins have produced 42 total points.

To put this in perspective, we will take a look at the week to week games that have produced more than Miami.

In week one, both the Titans and Ravens scored more than 42 points. In week two the 49’ers came within one point of reaching 42 and the Patriots exceeded that amount against the Dolphins alone. In week four the Buccaneers scored 55 against the Rams, who scored 40. In week five the Texans posted more than 42 points. Last week, no one posted games with 40 plus scores.

In week six Miami had their best offensive output as they scored 16 points. That was against the winless Washington Redskins. Think about that. 16 points against one of the worst teams in the league.

The worst part is that 13 of those points came in the 4th quarter.

Seven teams enter this week with less than 100 points scored. The Titans and Bengals are two and three points below 100 respectively. The Bills are at 90, the Redskins at 90, the Bears at 87, and the Jets have 63. Of those teams, the Bills, Bears, Redskins, and Jets have all had starting QB’s miss time.

There is a good chance that today Miami doesn’t break the 50 point barrier, sadly. The Bills have a very good defense that has kept them in games and has led them to a 4-1 record.

Miami will switch QB’s again this week to Ryan Fitzpatrick after Brian Flores said Josh Rosen would remain the starter. Fitzpatrick has done no better while running the offense so the move is questionable.

The Dolphins need to figure something out offensively because their defense is keeping the games close.