Miami Dolphins Ryan Fitzpatrick to start for the “foreseeable future”

The Miami Dolphins are not going to see Josh Rosen any time soon if Brian Flores has any control over it, it will be Ryan Fitzpatrick moving forward.

Miami Dolphins head coach Brian Flores met with the media today and was asked specifically about Ryan Fitzpatrick’s status as the quarterback for the rest of the year. He told them that was likely going to be the case.

“Yeah, I’d say he’s going to be the quarterback moving forward. I’ve said that before and things change. Things change in this league. I see him as the quarterback for the foreseeable future. – Brian Flores VIA Miami Dolphins released transcripts

Fitzpatrick probably gives the Dolphins the best chance of winning games this year but it is disheartening when you consider that every other player on the roster is being evaluated for the future except the quarterback that they traded a 2nd and 5th round draft pick for. Josh Rosen should be on the field growing with his teammates, not sitting on the bench.

On Sunday, Fitzpatrick missed a series when he was being evaluated for a concussion. Rosen came in and the Dolphins ran three consecutive plays. Not a ringing endorsement from a coaching staff who are supposed to be looking at what they have for the future.

At this point, the trade for Rosen is making less sense by the week. He is learning behind Fitzpatrick so maybe that is the plan they have for him to develop and if that is the case then where does it leave the Dolphins next year when they presumably will draft another quarterback, possibly and likely in round one.

Maybe they view Rosen as the quarterback that will play in 2020 while the rookie sits and watches. The idea of Fitzpatrick playing the rest of the season isn’t a big deal unless you are wanting more losses. Flores will run with him until he no longer can, poor play or injury could see Rosen back behind center.

For now, it’s a coach’s decision and we will see how this progresses through the season. With seven games left maybe the Dolphins believe that they can reach the 9-7 mark and maybe backslide into the playoffs. Stranger things have happened.

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