Miami Dolphins 1972 gets the respect of the NFL as greatest team

The NFL’s top 100 has been a bit of a joke this year when it comes to ranking the Miami Dolphins but they got the ’72 team right.

The NFL is celebrating it’s 100th season and there have been a lot of “top 100” lists this year. They completely blew it with Dan Marino being listed way down on the top 100 list of influential players. In fact, they listed the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders a spot higher.

This time around they got it right with the 1972 Miami Dolphins getting the number one spot, and rightfully so. After all, they are the only team to go undefeated. Sorry New England but perfection is not one loss.

Miami was on the top 100 list three times. The 1984 team with Dan Marino and the high powered offense came in at 63. Respectable considering the team didn’t win the Super Bowl that season.

The 1973 team that backed up the ’72 season with a second Super Bowl victory came in at 28 which may be a little bit low but not enough to complain about it. The 2nd best team in NFL history according to the league was the 1985 Chicago Bears who went 1-15 losing only to, you guessed it, the Miami Dolphins.

Dropping down to the 7th spot, we find the only other NFL team in the modern era to finish a season “almost” perfect. The 2007 Patriots who finished the regular season perfect, comes in at that 7th spot. Patriot fans were complaining but what can you really argue about? You lost the Super Bowl.

Larry Csonka had some thoughts on the team being number one.

Miami’s perfect season has often been ridiculed by the national media who have made the feat a running joke about old ex-football players who gather to pop champagne when the last NFL franchise loses each season.

While the organization works towards rebuilding and remodeling the franchise, maybe the next team that joins will be another Dolphins unit. For now, we can wait again to next year as no team in 2019 is undefeated.