Brian Flores plays spoiler over the Eagles and draws accolades

The Eagles could have tied the Cowboys for first place in their division with a win. Coach Flo had other plans.

As the season winds down and the wins had stayed stagnate at two, this win over the Eagles was a shot in the arm for first-year head coach, Brian Flores. He did everything possible to lock-up this win. Like scoring on a fake field goal and starting the second half with an onside kick and also getting positive results on fourth down plays.

The Eagles’ fans will have us know they were not playing at full force but the same is said for this Miami Dolphins team that was already stripped down to the point were some say about forty percent would be lucky to be on some teams practice squad. Those players “don’t back down from anybody.” as coach Flo stated post-game. He deserves some kudos getting this improbable third win over a quality opponent.

The players that are standing out are being offered contracts like CB Eric Rowe who has recently been extended. My only fear is how the Miami Heat ended up signing a group of improbable players and it tied up the team’s cap space for a while.

With the win over the Eagles they can now be called spoilers but the games left are the Jets, Giants, Bengals, and Pats so it would be the other way around for self-spoiled draft status. The Pats might be playing for home-field advantage if they would see that as the edge it is.

Should the Dolphins beat the Jets again they would finish below five hundred which would not sit well for first-year head coach Adam Gase.

Those that want to have the best chance at a top pick in the draft would favor losing out. That’s not how things work however in the NFL where the best player that favors a team win is played (Kalen Ballage aside, wink wink nudge nudge) It seemed like his loss to injury before the half started a chain reaction with Patrick Laird balling out. To take this even further Ballage was Flores’ tank ringer

Flores insisted on playing Ballage despite the running back having near record stats in futility and he just might continue to do so should he heal fast. Keep playing a slumping player is a way to shake it off but there comes a point it looks, suspect. It is hard to blame him as Ballage has both the size and speed rarely seen on the field and should he bust the slump he would most likely be very consistent. Breaking news has him going to IR now.

There was a time when patience was wearing thin with both players DeVante Parker and Mike Gesicki. Gesicki was feeling his oats last game by trying to hurdle players which might put him on IR if he’s not careful. What I saw from Parker has me thinking he has arrived. I made early comparisons to former Dolphins great Paul Warfield and now I don’t feel so stupid about that. That play where Parker not only high pointed the ball but also contorted his body to make the catch has me convinced.

The fact both of these players are now coming out of their shells could be partially attributed to coaching and coach Flo.

It is a safe bet that Flores has a taste for more wins to wind down the season and that he will stay with Ryan Fitzpatrick who has also show leadership and players just want to ball out for him. He will most likely put Josh Rosen on ice.

Rosen on ice sounds like a wine cooler. Do they still sell those? My drinking days are long over but they were hot back then and I see no commercials for them.

However, this season ends it should be entertaining and fun to watch.

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