Should the Miami Dolphins consider making a deal for Cam Newton?

With the firing of Ron Rivera, Cam Newton‘s status as a Panther is more up in the air than ever. Should Miami make a play for the former NFL MVP?

The Miami Dolphins have had quite an interesting season. From the blowout losses, in the beginning, the roster reset and the excitement of a two-game winning streak, this season really has had it all. Once this roller coaster of a season comes to its inevitable conclusion, the Dolphins will be able to continue their rebuild by investing in valuable free agents and using their draft capital to fill in the blanks on this roster. One of those blanks is the quarterback position.

Most mock drafts and football conversations point to the Dolphins taking a quarterback in the 2020 NFL draft, with a number of names, like Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert, thrown out there often. The need for a quarterback is a glaring issue moving forward no matter how well Fitzpatrick has been playing over the last few weeks. That is not a debatable topic.

What is debatable, however, is if the draft will give the Dolphins their answer at quarterback, and that leads to further questions. With Tua’s injury and the up and down play of guys like Herbert, is there a quarterback in the first round that Miami is interested in taking? If they don’t draft a quarterback in the first round, will Miami stick with Ryan Fitzpatrick and Josh Rosen for the 2020 season? Or will they look at the free-agent quarterback class?

All of the answers to these questions are complicated and, while no answer is guaranteed, some options are better than others. Many people, myself included, want the Dolphins to take a quarterback early in the draft and for him to become the face of the franchise moving into the future. Is there a possibility, however, that the Dolphins choose not to draft a franchise quarterback and instead trade for one?

Ron Rivera was fired as the head coach of the Carolina Panthers and there has already been talk about Quarterback Cam Newton’s time being up in Carolina. With all of that information, there is one more question that needs to be asked.

Should the Dolphins trade for the 2015 MVP Cam Newton?

Hear me out. Before we go any further, I, personally, don’t think this would be in the Dolphins’ best interest moving forward, but it’s important to think about what it could mean.

Trading for Newton will probably cost a 1st round pick and then some. Would Miami be willing to trade that for an older Newton after trading away younger players like Laremy Tunsil and Minkah Fitzpatrick? They would also need to absorb a hefty contract and there are no guarantees that Newton, who would be in the final deal of his current contract, would resign in Miami (although that would more than likely be worked out before a trade took place). This scenario is not likely.

But, just for fun, let’s say they did. Miami would immediately be jump-starting their rebuild. The Dolphins could then focus on building around Newton for the next 4-5 years, building a quality offensive line, a defense that puts fear into the AFC and a running game that could take the pressure off of Newton.

Everyone who has watched the NFL in the last few years knows that Newton is a weapon when healthy and, even though he isn’t the best quarterback in terms of what the actual position necessitates (accuracy, etc. ), he can win football games. If he could stay healthy, he would join forces with a coach who has already proven that he knows how to get the most out of his roster. Brian Flores seems to know what he is doing and that might be enough to help Newton and the Dolphins get back into the playoffs sooner than expected.

Again, I don’t think Miami should do this. But, it might be fun if they did.

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