Tua Tagovailao to make his NFL decision on January 6th Dolphins fans

Miami Dolphins fans, well some of them, are waiting for Tua Tagovailoa to make the decision that will shape his future, it will happen soon.

Over the last couple of days, Tua Tagovailoa made the decision that he would make and announce his decision on January 6th and Miami Dolphins fans are circling their calendars in anticipation.

The choice for the underclassmen is simple, return to Alabama for his senior year or enter the NFL Draft in April. Many Dolphins fans are hoping that Tagovailoa will declare, get drafted and number five overall and then sit for a season while he fully recovers. Other fans dont’ really care one way or the other.

For those who actually spend time “reading” my opinion on Tagovailoa, I tend to fall somewhere in between. I’m not a big fan of Tagovailoa and there are other prospects that I am a bit higher on but that being said, if that is who this regime believes is the right QB for the system, then so be it. We have all learned over the last decade plus that Miami isn’t great at making decisions on QB’s. Free agents or otherwise.

On January 6th, fans will stake out social media waiting for an announcement that is on the verge of becoming a LeBron James type declaration. Will it really matter? Until the medical evaluations are completed, we really won’t know what future he has.

Staying in school makes almost no sense for Tua and while he is not my top choice for the Dolphins, if he decides to return to Alabama, he will be risking his future. Getting paid now might be his best shot at financial security even if it is only a rookie contract.

There is little chance, if any, that Tagovailoa is drafted number one overall, the spot that most believed he was destined to go at. With his hip injury, he could still be looking at a top 5 to 10 draft spot. If he returns to school and misses any time due to injury next year, he is likely dropping out of the top 15.

Next year he will also be joined in the draft by Justin Fields of Ohio State and Clemson’s Trevor Lawerence and that too could drop his stock.

This is the right time for Tagovailoa to declare for the draft. Personally, I hope he stays in school so the Dolphins don’t draft him but for his sake, he needs to come out whether that means being drafted at five by Miami or later to someone else. It makes the most sense for his future.

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