NFL Divisional round kicks off today at 4:35 here is what to expect

The Miami Dolphins are not playing football for the rest of the league year but the NFL Divisional rounds kick-off today at 4:35.

Four games are on the schedule for the NFL this weekend. Only seven games remain in the 2019 season. Today one NFC game and one AFC game is on the schedule and both games could be very good. Maybe not as good as tomorrows.

At 4:35 the San Francisco 49’ers will host the Minnesota Vikings. The Vikings pulled off a road upset over the Saints last weekend while the 49er’s entered the postseason as the number one seed in the NFC. The 49’ers are riding a tough defense and a consistent offense while the Vikings are relying on Kirk Cousins to pull off the upset.

The game should be close but the 49’ers are the better team here. Of course, last week we said that about the Saints. Expect ball control from the 49’ers and a stifling defense that will try and put a lot of pressure on Cousins who is prone to making mistakes.

The late game today will see the number one see Baltimore Ravens hosting the Tennessee Titans who upended the New England Patriots in the final moments of the Wildcard round. The Ravens are all about what Lamar Jackson can do offensively. The Ravens should not have any trouble winning this game but the Titans are going to put up a fight. The question is how much of one?

The Ravens defense is one of the best in the league and the Titans, led by Ryan Tannehill are playing well but they are relying more on the legs of Derek Henry rather than the arm of Tannehill.

On Sunday, the NFL has a really good slate of football to end the division round and set up Championship weekend for the final games before the Super Bowl.

The Kansas City Chiefs will host the Houston Texans at 3:05 Eastern. The Chiefs have all the tools to win and advance but for whatever reason they tend to fall apart in the post-season. The Texans have the defense and an offense that score points when DeShaun Watson is playing well.

The Chiefs are going to need a big game from their defense if they want to advance. They tend to rely on the offense putting points on the board to keep pace.

The late game on Sunday night will kick-off at 6:40 with the Packers hosting the Seahawks. The Seahawks traveled to Philadelphia last weekend and won on the road. Another team that has consistency issues it is unclear which team will show up in Green Bay.

The Packers are the number two seed in the NFC and have quietly succeeded this year. The Packers really are not a star team this year but they have been consistent on both sides of the ball and equally in the running game and passing game with Aaron Rodgers.

Predictions: 49’ers, Ravens, Texans, and Packers all win. I like the chances for K.C. but they have folded in the post-season and until they prove otherwise, I’m not holding my breath.

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