The Miami Dolphins could literally pick anyone at QB in the draft

The Miami Dolphins are in the market for a quarterback and this year’s NFL Draft should provide them one, or two, or three.

It is no big secret that the Miami Dolphins want a quarterback in this year’s draft. General Manager Chris Grier has stated he has “more than enough” draft picks to move up if he desires. When asked about finding a quarterback, he said that is something they would like to do.

The question is who will that quarterback be?

The answer is no one knows!

If you are on social media of any kind, you have probably heard all the names being dropped. Even here on this site we have let you know when it is that the Dolphins have found interest in someone. It has ranged from QB to QB and from trading up to trading down to staying put. Consider all of this for a minute.

Over the last several months we have heard the following.

Justin Herbert is the Dolphins’ primary target dating back to 2018.

The Dolphins have done extensive research on Jordan Love and recently they watched a private workout of him at the Senior Bowl.

Miami is completely in love with Joe Burrow and will try and trade up to the number one spot to draft him.

All of this means nothing because the Dolphins really want Tua Tagovailoa and that is who they are really targeting.

Did we miss anything? Oh, yeah someone posted on Twitter that Benjamin Albright said Miami actually covets Jalen Hurts and will draft him at five. The problem with that? Albright was quick to point out that he never said that. In other words, people out there throwing stuff up against walls for no reason.

So what do we really know? We don’t know anything. The Dolphins maybe in love with Love, or Burrow, or Herbert, or Hurts, or Tagovailoa. For all we know they could be in love with Trevor Lawrence. What we also know is that the Miami Dolphins are not going to tell anyone what they are really planning.

If there is one thing we can say about these Dolphins executives is that they don’t talk much outside of their circle. No janitor overhearing a conversation, no trainer getting wind of a big deal, it is all media speculation driven by at best, an agent for a player or those that are putting the dots-to-dots together.

Even those with deep sources within the team are likely not getting anything tangible other than a “yeah, they watched film of the kid” or a “I know they liked what they saw”. Even those with deep sources will not hear, “They are going to do whatever it takes to get that kid” type of information.

So while we can get ourselves all worked up, we literally are doing so for nothing. Until the Dolphins are on the clock in April, we are going to simply have to sit back and watch the clock and calendar continue to move forward.

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