Why the stars should be aligned for Zach Thomas to get his HOF due

Zach Thomas is a Hall of Fame player that is not in the HOF. That should change today when the final voting for this year’s class has concluded.

For the Miami Dolphins and more specifically their little bowling ball Zach Thomas, today should be the day he finally gets his due. The stars, as it were, may have aligned and it would make a lot of sense to get Thomas in the Hall of Fame.

Today, Armando Salguero will present Thomas to the Hall of Fame voters. It is the first time since his eligibility that Thomas will be presented to the voters. This is the first time he has made the cut to 14. The first time he will have to sit through a day of wondering if a knock will come to his door or if his phone will ring and then, what will be the word on the other side?

Thomas will be holed up somewhere in Miami. Maybe at his home with his wife and children and family. Maybe he will stay at a hotel nearer to the voting room. Perhaps, he will sit with his family inside the Dolphins facility that he called home for so long.

This year’s Super Bowl is being played in Miami. One star that has aligned. The Pro Football Hall of Fame would do well to give a nod to the hosting city and elect one of their own for enshrinement, especially considering that he is deserving of the honor.

The next star that aligns is the fact that this year’s Super Bowl is LIV, or 54 for those who have to think about your Roman numerals. How fitting it would be to have number 54 inducted and announced at Super Bowl 54?

This year’s class is a good one, but leaving Thomas out would be a mistake. He has the numbers to match with most other notable linebackers including Brian Urlacher who was elected in 2018 on his first ballot. Thomas actually has better stats in some categories than Urlacher did.

Salguero has a big job ahead of him and he will need to be flawless in his delivery. As flawless as Thomas was as the little guy that shouldn’t but did. Zach Thomas is a Hall of Fame player regardless of whether he is elected today or not but it doesn’t say much about the election process if he isn’t elected. Super Bowl 54, Miami hosting the game, the stars are there. By the end of the day, we will know!

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