Miami Dolphins rumored to be working on a trade with the Redskins

The NFL Draft is still a long way off but that hasn’t stopped Miami Dolphins trade rumors and now Miami seems to be moving up to the number two overall pick.

For the next two months, the Miami Dolphins are going to be the talk of the NFL. As we laid out earlier, money and draft picks, coupled with a lot of needs will make Miami the top rumored team in the league heading into free agency and the draft.

While there has been speculation that Miami will have an interest in Melvin Gordon and maybe even trade interest for Todd Gurley, our newest rumor comes from Dan Sileo via Twitter. According to Sileo, the Dolphins are working on a trade with the Redskins for the number two overall draft pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Sileo doesn’t go into details about the trade possibility and if you don’t know who he is, you’re not alone. Sileo is a former NFL player and NFL Europe player dating back into the late 80s and early 90s. He is a sports radio host that can be heard hear.

Who his sources are, well that isn’t known which is the case most of the time and he doesn’t state that his source is team source or anything else. In fact, what you read in the above tweet was about all there is to the rumor.

If there is any truth to this at all then it could be viewed as an attempt to move ahead of the Detroit Lions at three to guarantee Miami one of the top two QB’s in the draft. Joe Burrow if he doesn’t go to the Bengals or Tua Tagovailoa if he does. It could also be a smokescreen or a potential rumor to drive down the asking price that the Lions may be looking to get.

Miami selects 5th overall but there is growing speculation that both the Chargers and the Panthers may try and get into the top three to draft a quarterback, most believe that QB to be Tagovailoa.

Amid all the draft talk there has been some speculation that Stephen Ross really wants LSU QB Joe Burrow and he has said to the media that he has reservations about Tagovailoa’s injury history although this time of year, comments like that are great ways to throw off other teams.

If there is anything here to learn it is simply this, the Dolphins are going to be a hot button topic until the 2020 NFL Draft is over.

So is this rumor true? That will not be answered until the Dolphins make a trade with the Redskins, or the Lions, or the Bengals, or until they come on the clock with the 5th pick in April’s draft.

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