Miami Dolphins need offensive line before a quarterback

The Miami Dolphins offensive line started to play better towards the end of last season but that does not mean this unit is ready for 2020.

While most believe that the Miami Dolphins will turn the page on their history and draft another quarterback, without a good offensive line, it won’t make a bit of difference. The truth is, the Dolphins have a lot of holes on both sides of the roster but none may be as glaring as the offensive line.

At center, Daniel Kilgore is penciled in to return but the Dolphins, with their current cap space situation, should be looking to upgrade. Whether through the draft or free agency, the Dolphins need to find the interior anchor and line leader. Kilgore is respectable but he isn’t the future at the position and it needs to get better.

Evan Boehm is a free agent that will likely get re-signed but he has a lot more work to do before he is a full-time reliable starter. The good news is that at times last year he looked to be making the turn. The question is will he develop better as a guard or a tackle?

If the Dolphins draft Tua Tagovailoa then a serviceable right tackle will not do. Tagovailoa is left-handed and that swaps the importance of the left tackle to the right tackle spot. Miami doesn’t have an answer at right tackle. Jesse Davis isn’t it. The same problem exists on the left side where the Dolphins do not have a solid dominating left tackle.

At guard, it is a little better. The Dolphins drafted Michael Dieter last year and he is still developing and undrafted rookie Shaq Calhoun was impressive given the fact he saw playing time and got better as the season went on.

No matter who the Dolphins draft, the offensive line still has a ways to go and adding new players to that interior will help develop the youth and create a more competitive balance on offense. Miami should look to address both tackle positions, one in the draft and one in free agency. Guard is not as big a priority but finding a right guard in free agency would make a lot of sense as well.

The Dolphins need to fix the offensive line and until they do, the running game will be stagnant no matter who is running the ball and the quarterback will again lead the team in rushing yards.