Unlike 2019, the Miami Dolphins don’t have any top tradeable talent

Last year the Miami Dolphins made a bunch of trades as the season and the NFL Draft neared. This year, don’t expect to see Miami repeat that performance.

Before the 2019 season began, the Miami Dolphins moved on from Kiko Alonso, Laremy Tunsil, and Kenny Stills all via trades. They also moved a couple of others as well including starting QB Ryan Tannehill but this year, don’t expect Miami to move any players as draft picks are the team’s best commodity.

Safety needy teams might look at Reshad Jones for a one to two-year fill in but if you think a team is going to jump on a trade with the Dolphins, think again. Jones has little to no trade value given his current contract and the fact Miami may part ways with him means no team will have to pay even a portion of that deal.

The same can be said for Albert Wilson who has an almost $10 million dollar cap hit. No one is going to want to pay that for a receiver who still has something to prove. Now, clearly, if the Dolphins found a buyer they could easily pull another Tannehill type deal and pay a big portion of that salary for a 2021 draft pick and maybe when training camps roll around, they explore those options.

For the immediate future, the Dolphins focus is on April’s draft where they could have as many as 14 draft picks when it arrives.

The Dolphins are going to be busy all three days of the draft and it is very unlikely that they draft 14 players. In fact, it would be a surprise if they drafted three players in round one. Moving one of their later first-round picks would make sense especially if they don’t spend them moving up to draft a QB.

That will also hold true for the two second-round draft picks that could be turned into a 2021 2nd rounder as well as an extra third or fourth this year. The Dolphins are going to be moving around a lot as Chris Grier seems almost obsessed, in a good way, with accumulating draft picks.

Back to the current roster, barring a big surprise trade of a player still on their rookie deal, it is not likely that the Dolphins move personnel. Especially before free agency the draft.