Top four running backs to watch at the NFL Combine

When the NFL Combine kicks off, the Miami Dolphins should be watching these top four running back prospects that could fix their need at the position.

The Miami Dolphins need a running back and while they may go the free agency route, they will still likely address the position in the draft. With potentially 14 draft picks in April’s NFL Draft, the Dolphins will get their chance to interview incoming runners at the NFL Combine and for the first time get an idea on who may fit their offensive plans for the future.

Here are four players that the Dolphins should be keeping a close eye on. The RB’s will take the field on Friday, February 28th.

J.K. Dobbins – Ohio State – Junior

Dobbins could develop into one of the most exciting runners in the league eventually. He has the tools to be really good and he should make an immediate impact for any RB needy team.

Dobbins does better once he is out of traffic at the line of scrimmage, that is one of his knocks as he doesn’t make many moves to avoid early contact at the line. Dobbins needs a really solid offensive line that can create holes he can hit quickly.

Once in the open field, Dobbins is tough to bring down and he uses his vision well to make defenders miss. He will need to work a bit on his blocking but it shouldn’t be something he can’t overcome.

Dobbins is very reliable in the passing game as well and runs good routes when called upon. He is also effective when running screens.

D’Andre Swift – Georgia – Junior

While he wasn’t named after his speed, he has lived up to his surname. Swift quick at the point of attack and makes good decisions on where to go with the ball when it is in his hands. He is good at blocking and maybe the best-rounded runner in this entire draft.

The biggest knock on Swift is that he has problems holding on to the ball at times and that could be a big turn off for some NFL teams. In fact, if this problem was not present, he would likely be a mid-first round draft pick without question. Now he seems to be leaning more towards the third part of the first round and possibly into the 2nd.

While Swift can move quickly, he is not viewed as a runner who will breakaway with his speed once through the holes.

Jonathan Taylor – Wisconsin – Junior

Taylor doesn’t have the name brand of Swift or Dobbins but make no mistake, he could easily be the first runner taken in April’s draft. While he isn’t considered a sure first-round draft pick, a solid combine could move him into the middle of the first round.

Taylor is impressive in all aspects of his game. He is durable, has good speed and quickness, can block, plays physical at the point of impact, and can land a stiff arm better than some in the NFL. That being said, he has a lot of wear on his legs having run over 300 times in college. He also has 15 fumbles in his three years and isn’t much of a pass-catching threat.

Zack Moss – Utah – Senior

The only senior that makes our list today, Moss is a mix of power and quick feet. He looks faster than he is but can get the job done easily. Moss is a visual runner who uses his instincts well enough to get to the second level but he lacks game-changing speed instead relying on power at the point of impact rather than cut ability.

Moss isn’t a runner who is going to jump around in tight spaces, he isn’t going to make defenders miss, instead, Moss tries to avoid defenders and when he can’t he uses his physicality to knock them over and try and move through them.

Moss is projected to go in the 2nd or 3rd round and if the Dolphins selected him in round three, it would be great value.