Should the Dolphins trade for Deshaun Watson?

Deshaun Watson appears to be unhappy in Houston.  The Dolphins need a quarterback.  Should the Dolphins be interested?

Yesterday, Deshaun Watson posted song lyrics by Drake that many have interpreted as him being disgruntled with the Texans trading of star wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins.

This tweet doesn’t mean that Watson is likely going to be traded out of Houston.  However, if the past two years have shown us anything, it’s that HC/GM Bill O’Brien is willing to trade players that are (a) disgruntled and (b) in line for an expensive pay-day…And often willing to take “pennies on the dollar” in the process.

What would a potential trade look like? 

Realistically, it would probably take at least the Dolphins’ 2020 first-round pick (#5) and another first-rounder; in 2020 or 2021.

Why would Houston make this trade?

Besides the reasons listed above, by acquiring the 5th pick, the Titans would most likely have their choice of quarterbacks in this year’s class not named Joe Burrow.  Whether the team is ‘rebuilding’ or trying to ‘win now’, they could immediately replace Watson with another quarterback that would be under team control for the next five years.  Additionally, they would recover one of the first-round picks they originally gave Miami in the Laremy Tunsil trade; thus providing them more draft flexibility.

Why would Miami make this trade?

If the Dolphins can’t pry the first pick away from Cincinnati and are leery of Tua’s long-term medical prognosis, they aren’t really in love with any of the quarterbacks in this draft.  Watson is already a proven commodity.  He has one year left on his rookie deal and the Dolphins could pick up his 5th-year option.  That’s two years of team control not counting the franchise tag.

Even if they have to give up multiple picks in the 2020 draft they would still have double-digit picks available to build around Watson.

Once again, a trade involving Watson is unlikely to take place but it might be a “win/win” for both teams.  The Texans divest themselves of a disgruntled player and can draft his immediate replacement while the Dolphins get their ‘quarterback of the future’.

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