Preston Williams still must prove he can win at this level

The Miami Dolphins found a gem in 2019 with wide-receiver Preston Williams, an undrafted free agent. Now he needs to prove they were right.

When the Miami Dolphins signed Preston Williams after the draft in 2019 there was hope that he could transition to the NFL. After a stellar training camp and pre-season, Williams showed he had what it takes to compete at this level. Now, he needs to prove it again.

Williams began the 2019 season on pace with the best receivers of the 2019 draft class. In many cases, he was better. An early-season ACL injury sent Williams to the IR and rehab while the rest of the team carried on. It was a big blow to an offense that was trying to find themselves.

Now, Williams is healthy and ready to play. When the teams return to the field, Williams will have a little more experience but in reality, will still be learning the nuances of the NFL. He will still be learning coverage schemes and corner tendencies. In essence, he needs to prove it all over again.

This is not a bad thing. He should relish the opportunity and feel as though there is no safety net below him. He has great hands and better than average speed but he also possesses a unique ability to get open and that will serve him well.

Many players do not return from ACL injuries the same as they were previously. Some do. Williams has the mental make-up to return but he needs to keep that mental part in check as he pushes his knee forward.

There is little doubt that Williams will make the roster this year if he is healthy. He fits in the system and the coaching staff like him. Now it will come down to production on Sundays and his faith in his own body.  Williams is the type of gritty player that the Dolphins need.  An athlete that can hold down the second receiver spot. If he can pick up where he left off, the Dolphins will be dangerous on the outside and both the Dolphins and Williams are banking on it. If I were going to invest, I would bank on him too.

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