Josh Rosen has tough decisions to make with Miami Dolphins future

The Miami Dolphins last week reportedly took calls about Josh Rosen.

If Josh Rosen isn’t on the trade block, he should be talking with the Miami Dolphins brass about making a deal to move him but is that the best decision for Rosen?

Josh Rosen is in an interesting spot for the Miami Dolphins. He isn’t the present and he isn’t the future. He is just, on the roster. In a lot of cases when a player asks to be traded they have a beef with a coach or don’t get along well in the locker room. Sometimes, they are not getting the big contract extension that they want. In the case of Josh Rosen, it isn’t any of those. It’s simply the fact he has little to no future with the Dolphins.

Armando Salguero deserves credit for my thinking process on this one. In an article, he posted last night, he posed the question of how long will Rosen wait to ask if he hasn’t already?

The real question is what is good for Josh Rosen and what is better for the Miami Dolphins? This is where his future with the team will be decided.

On one hand, Rosen has little value to offer in a trade. Two teams in two years with little to no success. Miami paid a premium 2nd round pick for him, they won’t get that back. This is however a double-edged sword.

To increase his value, the Dolphins need to play him but if he struggles, his value doesn’t increase, it decreases further. It’s a risk that might be worth taking but then what do you do with Ryan Fitzpatrick? What message do you send the rest of the team? How do you tell them that you are playing Rosen to trade him possibly at the expense of winning?

The short answer is you don’t.

Josh Rosen is still a valuable and cheap back-up.

The right hand might showcase what playing him or trading him may do but on the left hand, he has value to the team at a relatively low cost. And he is under contract for a couple more years. If Fitzpatrick goes down do you want to turn this year’s team over to Tua Tagovailoa? What if he isn’t medically where you want him to be? Do you give it Jake Ruddock instead?

Rosen still has potential and might be the better option. If you are Josh Rosen do you want a trade out of Miami to be a back-up somewhere else or stay in Miami with the hopes of being called upon?

Consider that at this point, barring injury, NFL teams have their starting QB’s and there are still far more established veterans, Cam Newton, on the open market. Yes, Rosen is cheap but if you are trying to win, you probably go elsewhere. If you are building towards the future, Rosen isn’t a bad investment but if you are Rosen would you want to a team that might replace in next year’s draft?

Finally, there is the uncertainty surrounding the health of Tua Tagovailoa. I know, he is healthy and no one worries about him getting injured. Whatever. Smart teams consider the possibility. Rosen could also be thinking about this as well. Sitting for a few years isn’t a bad idea. Aaron Rodgers did very well after sitting. So did Patrick Mahomes.

What if the Dolphins master plan with Tua doesn’t work out? The back-up option is Josh Rosen. If I’m Rosen, I have to consider the fact that next year, Ryan Fitzpatrick is likely gone and while the team may be turned over to Tua, there is a possibility that at some point, I’m going to be needed.

This is where it makes the most sense for Rosen to not want a trade. Staying with Miami as a back-up could potentially lead to a bigger payday when his contract is up. Rather than learn another system in as many years, he can hone his skills and get better and present that to other teams who in a few years may be looking for a starting quarterback.

Tough decisions no matter what and decisions that really, don’t need to be made any time soon by either party. If I am Rosen however, as much as I may want to play on Sundays, it might be in my best interest to stay put, learn, and then hit the market when I have more to present.

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