Miami Dolphins must have faith in what they are building

The Miami Dolphins are in the second phase of rebuilding and need to have faith it works.

With the Miami Dolphins rebuilding their roster, having faith in their decisions are imperative. They need to keep with the plan.

What does it take to win a Super Bowl? The giant question each team asks at the end of each year. When looking at the Super Bowl winner from last year, I think I might have just figured it out. More importantly, did the Dolphins do anything to answer the question themselves?

During Super Bowl 54, we saw a Kansas City team lead by 2018 NFL MVP Patrick Mahomes and long time NFL Head coach Andy Reid. When looking at the numbers using PFF, nothing is too exciting about their team grades. Their overall team grade of 84.1 (12 overall) is above average. Their 80.6 Offensive grade (6 overall) is impressive, but their Team Defensive grade of 62.6 (25 overall) cries a need to improve.

So, what gave Kansas City the edge? In my opinion, faith. Faith in coach and quarterback. There is no better display of this than during the 2019 NFL playoffs when the Texans and Chiefs faced off against the Houston Texans at Arrowhead Stadium. Houston went up 21-0 in the 1st quarter. But a calm Chiefs team had the belief that quarterback and coach were enough to get back in the game. Not only did Kansas City get back in the game but ended up winning by 20 points 51-31.

This past season, Miami did not wow on the stat sheet. Our leading rusher was Ryan Fitzpatrick, a quarterback not known for being mobile. Our Overall team grade of 59.0 (Dead last), Offensive Grade of 62.5 (30 overall) and defensive grade of 53.8 (Dead last) doesn’t seem like we did anything to build off of to give the team faith in coach Flores. But the 2019 Miami Dolphins did just that.

With the early headlines coming out of Miami, national media screaming that the Dolphins are intentionally throwing games by building a team devoid of talent to secure the 1st overall pick in the 2020 NFL Draft.

Then, something happened. Their first win against the Colts was a good jumping-off point, But their 2nd win gave the team hope for the future. During the Dolphins week 12 matchup against an Eagles team fighting to stay in the playoff race, a one-win Miami team fought, clawed, and did everything they could to beat the Eagles.

The best example is Coach Flores calling up 2019 NFL’s Bridgestone Play of the Year the “Mountaineer Shot.” Proving to the NFL, the Miami Dolphins players have faith in Coach Brian Flores.

It is that faith that allowed Miami to attract their impressive Free agent haul this offseason.
The second part of the question is having a quarterback that the team can have faith. During the 2020 NFL Draft, Miami may have answered that part of the question.

Miami used the number 5 overall selection to raft Alabama Quarterback Tua Tagovailoa. Who during his career at Alabama has show his team can have faith in him behind center. His historic come from behind victory during the 2018 NCAA Championship, Georgia was up 13-0 and Alabama came back to win 26-23 with a walk-off touchdown from Tagovailoa.

We do not know if this Miami team lead by Coach Flores will See Tua Tagovailoa this season. Given his injury history and the presence of Ryan Fitzpatrick poised to compete in a familiar Chan Gailey system. But I can tell you Miami has done all it can this offseason to give the players, coaches, and fans faith in the future.