Zach Thomas should be relieved that he wasn’t elected to HOF this year

Zach Thomas (Photo by Stephen Dunn /Getty Images)
Zach Thomas (Photo by Stephen Dunn /Getty Images) /

Zach Thomas missed the HOF this year but maybe that isn’t a bad thing.

Zach Thomas was a HOF finalist this year but he didn’t make the final cutdown to be included in this year’s 2020 class. He should be glad.

When the Pro Football Hall of Fame class of 2020 was announced, Miami Dolphins Zach Thomas found himself a bit short on votes. Before you go jumping into the comments and blast for me such blasphemy, understand this, Zach Thomas deserves far more than what this year’s class will get.

The pandemic that has swept over the world still holds the potential to wipe out the 2020 NFL season. It has killed two pre-season weeks and managed to stop the Hall of Fame game kick-off for the season. All of those 100th years inductees, the 20 names that will eventually be enshrined will have to wait for their “Gold Jacket” presentations. They will have to wait for the unveiling of their HOF bust. They will have to wait for their opportunity to thank all of those they feel made it possible.

Zach Thomas? He has to wait too.

No one knows yet how the NFL will celebrate this year’s class. It could be done via a teleconference call similar to how the NFL conducted the draft back in April. A big ESPN or NFL Network special with each inductee getting their airtime. Or it could be held after the Super Bowl or between the final playoff game and the Super Bowl. Maybe part of Super Bowl week.

What we know for certain is that it will not happen the first week of August and it will not likely happen before the start of the season.

Zach Thomas
Miami Dolphins linebacker Zach Thomas sets on defense against the Carolina Panthers September 25, 2005 in Miami. The Dolphins defeated the Panthers 27 to 24. (Photo by Al Messerschmidt/Getty Images) /

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If this is all done from a remote location without the celebrated parade of HOF members in their jackets and without the spiking temperatures that really seem to get hotter in Ohio for that particular weekend, then Zach Thomas should be glad he has to wait.

Thomas doesn’t need to share the stage with 20 other inductees. He doesn’t need to stand in front of a camera and thank his coaches and former teammates or his wife and kids. Thomas deserves to have his fans who have pounded the table and sent messages to the HOF’s social media accounts, standing in the stadium cheering him on.

Zach Thomas will eventually make the HOF, just about every voter on the election committee believes that. He should have been a first-ballot or at least a 2nd ballot HOF player like Brian Urlacher but this year, his waiting is a good thing. I’m sure he would love to be in but he will love it so much more when he gets to stand in front of his fans, just like Jason Taylor, Dan Marino, and all the others that came before them.