A full Miami Dolphins season may not be possible with COVID

With a pandemic still raging, a Miami Dolphins full season may not happen.

With the other major sports starting back to mixed results. It begs the question, how it will work out for the Miami Dolphins?

Major League Baseball has not gotten off to a good start, with more than half of the Marlins infected and now the Cardinals are approaching a handful themselves. Six games had to be postponed today (Friday, August first) over it and the commissioner Rob Manfred has threatened to shut the whole thing down if things don’t turn around.

On the other side of the spectrum, the National Basketball Association has fared very well so far. Although they have created what’s known as the bubble in which all teams are locked down inside of Disney World. After a few weeks, there have been no players testing positive so far.

When you think of how all the games are played in major league sports, it is football that just might tip the scales of being the most at risk, even though it is speculated that the outbreaks in the MLB have taken place away from the field of play. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends not to gather in large crowds. By nature, that describes how football is played, with the ball itself the focal point. And all teams huddle to call the plays which might be just as bad, if not worse.

There are many safeguards in place as well as many pages of the protocol to follow. However many are not mandatory ( a little on that later) and there are no central controls in place. Each team submitted and had their own plans of action approved. There has to be discipline among all players, with some younger ones probably coming into large paydays for the first time and still set on their ways, with their usual vices.

Miami Dolphins safety Bobby McCain spoke on that matter recently. Here is what he had to say.

One of those voluntary things is a helmet designed with disease prevention in mind, it sports a full plexiglass face shield and just might be pivotal. Bobby also spoke on that. You can read his full quote, by looking for his name and the date of Friday, August first over on Miami Dolphins dot com.

“It wasn’t too bad with the face shield and the covering. I don’t believe it’s mandatory, but it wasn’t too bad. It’s the new normal. I would just advise that everyone try it for themselves.”

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Much like the public at large being urged to wear face masks. The same could pan out for this helmet and NFL players. It kind of serves the purpose of a sneeze guard at the salad bar. In all seriousness, everyone stay safe and lets all hope for a full season of Miami Dolphins football.