The Miami Dolphins may get more national televised games, here’s why

The Miami Dolphins may get more primetime games and here’s why.

When the 2020 NFL season kicks-off the Miami Dolphins may find themselves in more nationally televised games than what they have now.

The NFL, according to a rumor that is circulating the internet thanks to a conversation that Mike Freeman had with an NFL general manager, may be playing games on more than Sunday, Monday, and Thursday nights.

Friday night NFL football anyone? How about games on Saturday? 2020 may just be that season.

So now the question is this. If there is no NCAA season, we already saw the Big 10 vote to cancel theirs, will the NFL pick up the empty Saturday viewing timeslots? It would make sense if they did.

Without college football on Saturday’s the NFL could play a game on Thursday, three games on Saturday, a Sunday slate, and of course Monday night. There has also been some chatter that if schools cancel Friday night high-school games, that too would open up a Friday night opportunity but I would think that might be too much.

In fact, I would propose moving all Thursday night games to Saturday and leaving Thursday’s open. As far as it relates to the Miami Dolphins, well they have one game nationally televised this year and if the NFL opens up to Saturdays, games will get shifted and as a result, Miami may find themselves looking at more nationally televised football games.

It may not be much but anything is better than one, right? The NFL, believe it or not, is set to kick-off the season exactly one month from today when the Chiefs and the Texans play on that opening Thursday night. There are no pre-season games this year so the NFL could maximize some of the monetary loss by shifting games to Saturday if college football takes a pass.

There is a lot to be ironed out between now and the start of the season but the NFL is still a go and the NCAA is in limbo.


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