Miami Dolphins offense is predictable again with Chan Gailey

Chan Gailey called his first game in a long time on Sunday for the Miami Dolphins.

On Sunday, Chan Gailey sat upstairs in the coach’s booth to call the Miami Dolphins game against the Patriots. Fans wondered why they fired Chad O’Shea.

Last year, the Miami Dolphins offense wasn’t good. They had an offensive line with no talent an aging quarterback whose arm was strong enough to throw the ball but inconsistent. They had no running game but for all the problems they faced, Chad O’Shea’s play-calling was at least unpredictable.

Immediately following the 2019 season, Brian Flores fired O’Shea and eventually hired the ageless wonder, Chan Gailey. And on Sunday, Gailey looked like he shouldn’t be calling games.

Miami’s offense was rather predictable and again we saw a Gailey gameplan that really ignored the tight-end for much of the game. That is a shame because when Miami started to use their bigger playmakers, they were able to make plays against the Patriots defense. So of course, Gailey wouldn’t stick to it.

Miami’s offense was stagnant and without fight. The offensive line played well enough to keep Fitzpatrick upright most of the game and give enough time to throw the ball. The receivers were in a position to challenge the stellar secondary of the Patriots but rarely did Gailey test them.

Overall, the game plan wasn’t very good but we can at least say it was balanced. Miami threw the ball 30 times and ran the ball 27 times. The problem was that the run plays netted little and some of that wasn’t the result of line play. Gailey’s play selection didn’t seem to fit the situation at times.

On the Dolphins opening drive, a three and out, Gailey set up a short pass on first down that went for three yards, then a run play for four yards to Jordan Howard, and on third and a long three, Miami managed to pick up two yards with another run up the middle. This against the Patriot’s top defensive front.

For the second series, Miami went with a pass to Parker for 12 yards and then Howard rushed for two yards on the ensuing first down. A pass on the next play picked up six and then a 13-yard pass on 3rd and two picked up another first.

Miami was making moves and advancing but then Gailey went back to the run, run, incomplete pass on 3rd and12.

The Dolphins, especially Gailey need to be far more aggressive on offense. Gailey is an old school coach who likes to pound the ball but in this era of football, he needs to do a better job of managing the game, getting creative, and when the running game isn’t working, use the passing game to set it up.