What to make of the fullback role for the Miami Dolphins

It seems like the role of the fullback is just middle of the road for the Miami Dolphins.

Will the role of a fullback change as the Miami Dolphins running game improves? Or will it get neglected in favor of the passing attack?

Going back a few weeks before the season started there were many speculating that this role would get overlooked and the only active FB presently on the team, Chandler Cox wouldn’t make the cut.

What many might have failed to notice back then was the loss to injury of Vince Biegel and soon after Raekwon McMillan getting traded. The reason why the reduction of the linebacker room matters is because many thought that Elandon Roberts would be doing double duty filling in at FB like he did with some spot work at his last stint. So far he has no snaps on offense, whereas he had 58 last season.

Chandler Cox after two games is averaging 12 snaps a game, with no carries. Just like the Miami Dolphins defense, the running game is a slow work in progress, they haven’t even broken 100 yards rushing as a team in a game yet. Cox blocking, has to open up more holes going ahead, it would seem.

The stats from the defense getting ran over won’t matter with a win, and as bad as the Bills game was, they did have the lead at one point and the score stayed close. Cox is flashing some, you can see him in the peripheral on some plays. On one touchdown run from Jordan Howard in the Bills game, it looked like there was some help there.

As the losses pile up, “some help” has to change into “spring the back open” and in a hurry. With the short turnaround game coming on Thursday, let’s hope we see just that playing the Jacksonville Jaguars. This makes me wonder why the backs are not following the lead blocks more closely. Because a Cox block can be a wonderful thing.

Is this by design? It could be a coaching move I don’t understand, like others that have crept up over the last two losses. I could veer off into a rant here, or even a few “I told you so” from earlier writings but I will try to stay on point. There does seem to be more questions than answers (what else is new with this team?)

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Some fans are ready to fold up the tent after just two losses. I have to admit that the postseason chances dwindle with early losses historically speaking, and then it becomes a matter of just wanting a winning season.

Maybe giving the ball to Cox a time or two would keep defenders a little more honest and help to draw them up to the point of contact, in turn providing better blocks and gaps for other backs to shoot through.

I’m hoping for some old fashion up the gut running plays this Thursday. With the fullback opening up things.