Breaking: NFL rescheduling Miami Dolphins week six game

The Miami Dolphins will not be playing a football game in week six against the Broncos.

Earlier today it was announced that another shakeup in the NFL schedules would be taking place and this time the Miami Dolphins are hit.

The news is still relatively early but it now appears that the Miami Dolphins will have their bye week in week six instead of week 11. It is unclear when the Dolphins and Broncos will make up their game. The Dolphins do not share a bye week with the Broncos.

All of this started because another member of the Patriots tested positive for COVID. The Patriots game with the Broncos this weekend was moved to 5:00 pm Monday but since this new test result, that game has been postponed and will be played next Sunday.

The fact that they are making the two teams play next week doesn’t make a lot of sense but nothing really is making sense these days. The Tennessee Titans are also looking at having their Tuesday game postponed or canceled as well. They are supposed to play the Bills.

The Bills are supposed to play the Chiefs on Thursday night to kick off week six but that game is not potentially being moved to Sunday unless the Titans vs. Bills game on Tuesday is canceled. Confused yet?

Last week the Patriots game against the Chiefs in Kansas City was moved to Monday night after positive tests with New England players and a back-up QB in K.C. What we do know is the NFL doesn’t seem to know what to do. What they may want to do is eliminated the next two weeks of the season and close down offices, or extend the season by two weeks to allow for make-up games.

We don’t know what the Dolphins situation will be but we do know they won’t be playing next Sunday against the Broncos.