Miami Dolphins look to keep the New York Jets winless

Welcome to an unexpected but welcome Miami Dolphins against the Jets, week.

Jets week has arrived for the Miami Dolphins a little head of schedule but it comes at a good time for Miami and a bad one for NY.

The New York Jets are winless. Adam Gase is on the hot seat but for whatever reason still has a job despite two coaches already being fired in the NFL. Now, the Dolphins will get a chance, at home, to put more pressure on management to get rid of the former Dolphins coach.

Fans are on two sides of the fence with this one. No one and I mean no one wants the Dolphins to lose this game and while the thought of the Jets firing Gase after losing to Miami is appealing, the thought of the Jets firing Adam Gase isn’t amusing. Face it, Dolphins fans love the crapshow that is Adam Gase in New York.

The Jets are unbelievably bad this year. The Jets have given up 27, 31, 36, 37, and 30 points this year in each of their first five games. They have scored 17, 13, 7, 28, and 10. Most of those points coming late in the game when it was out of reach and pretty much over.

The Jets have lost all five of their games and while the Bills are understandable, they have also lost to the 49ers, Broncos, Colts, and Cardinals. The Jets are just a bad football team. But. There is always a “but” when it comes to New York.

The Dolphins and Jets do not play to their records and the Dolphins could be undefeated and the Jets could be winless and the Jets will play like they are undefeated. That is how this rivalry goes. Records go out the window and the fire between the two clubs burns.

This week the Jets will be without Sam Darnold again and the anemic Jets offense will face a Dolphins defense that is coming off a big game against the 49ers. It will not be a cakewalk and the Dolphins can’t overlook them. They must play the entire game and play sharp. If they do, they will get their third win of the season and improve to .500.