Miami Dolphins 2021 three round all offensive mock draft 1.0

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The Miami Dolphins have a treasure trove of picks in the upcoming draft and a lot of holes left to fill on the roster. While they do have some areas on defense that they need to fix, the vast majority of their early picks should be spent on offensive talent to help Tua Tagovailoa develop into a legitimate quarterback in this league.

With that in mind, this mock is going to be an all offensive mock. I will not be predicting trades in this mock, although I adamantly believe that Miami should be active in moving down in the draft if possible.

Pick 3 – DaVonta Smith, WR Alabama

Smith seems to be gaining momentum as a consensus pick at this spot. Regardless of the type of mock draft, this is designed to be, Smith should be Miami’s pick at 3rd overall.

Smith is a dynamic playmaker that the Dolphins desperately need on the team. He has great hands, top-notch speed, and seems to find open spaces on every route that he runs. The only true knock against him is his size, which is something that doesn’t concern me if he’s used properly. He would be a great compliment to DeVante Parker’s skill set.

In my last mock, I had the Dolphins taking Smith at number three and there hasn’t been any change in that thinking.

The only legitimate reason that I see Miami not taking Smith with the third pick is if they trade back, which I hope, and expect, them to do. But, since this mock doesńt include trades, Smith is the obvious answer.

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