If they are a free agent, expect the Miami Dolphins to have interest

The Miami Dolphins are still about three weeks away from the start of free agency but if you are on social media or know people who are regurgitating information from social media then beware. The Dolphins are interested in every potential free agent.

So far this off-season we have heard about Deshaun Watson trade talk, we have heard every player’s name mentioned for the draft and now as free agency gets closer and we start to hear who could potentially be available, well the “wheels on the bus go round and round!”

Today’s latest speculative journey takes us to Seattle where Miami has an interest in Tyler Lockett. Yesterday it was Marvin Jones, Jr. and prior to that was a slew of trades for Chris Godwin to JuJu Smith-Schuster. Of course, we would be remiss not to mention the impending $46 million contract that the Dolphins are ready to give Green Bay Packer running back Aaron Jones.

This is that time of year when there are two completely different processes to figuring what might be real and what might be fake or maybe not so real. The first is posted rumors. Rumors tend to mean there is some truth to the interest level. Maybe through an agent or an NFL executive, someone gets wind of a possibility and discusses it. With rumors, there is almost always a source.

On the other hand, speculation has no basis in fact. It is exactly that, speculation. It is one person’s opinion or thought of connecting dots to layout a possibility. This is where a lot of fans on social media make the mistake and think that someone is on the Dolphins list simply because someone else said, “it would make sense”.

If you think it will get better, you would be wrong. Once free agency kicks-off it will get worse as the draft draws nearer. Free agency isn’t as much fun as it used to be. With the three-day tampering period now legal, we know what teams are going to do before FA actually starts and by the time March 17th hits, we have already seen the first-tier market gone and have moved on to the secondary and tertiary markets for FAs.

The good news is that from now until then, there is a lot to get excited about, a lot to speculate about, and a lot of rumors that we haven’t heard yet. Should be another fun off-season in the next couple of months.